Gold loan schemes for women – a short video

Gold ornaments are every indian womens weakness. We are the primary owners of gold ornaments. We often see gold ornaments as investment but we are very reluctant to use these ornaments unless it is an emergency. If we can think objectively, we will see that gold is as good as cash and can be used effectively to assist us in times of need. It allow you to make use of your gold without loosing ownership of your ornaments. You will get fast access to cash as most nbfcs will issue a loan in minutes. To help women, some nbfcs have come out with special schemes for women in need money. Lets take an example. Muthoot finance the largest gold financing company in india, has a special scheme called Muthoot Mahila loan. This special scheme is available in all states across India except Delhi. So its easy for us to use this scheme for our benefits. Another example is Mini Muthoottu. Mini Muthoottu is an NBFC which also offer gold loan scheme for women. If you are interested to know more about these two schemes and their interest rates, please checkout our blog. The link to our blog is given below.


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