Gold still remains a favorite mode of investment for people living in India. The capacity to beat inflation and high liquidity are the strong points that encourage people to invest in gold. The three main criteria most of the investors look for are liquidity, returns, and security. When you invest in gold you don’t have to worry about its liquidity and if you invest in gold in non-physical forms then you will not have to worry about its security also. The returns that you get aren’t bad either. Earlier when people considered gold as an investment it was limited to just buying gold in the form of jewelry. However, it is not just so today. Given below are some of the ways by which you can make gold investments in India.

  1. Gold ETFs
    People can invest in gold through Gold ETFs. These are units that represent physical gold that is usually in paper or de-materialized form.
  2. Physical Gold
    The most popular way of investing in gold is by buying gold in the physical form as bars, jewelry or coins. Gold bars, coins, and bullion are the purest forms of physical gold. Hence, more investors are interested in investing in physical gold.
  3. E-Gold (Gold In Electronic Form)
    Gold investment through E-Gold requires the investor to have a trading account with NSEL (National Spot Exchange Limited). Just like shares the investor can buy and sell E-Gold units through the NSEL.
  4. Gold Mutual Funds
    Gold Mutual Funds are schemes where they do not invest in gold directly. Investment is made through Gold ETFs and other assets that are related.

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