What is Finaura?

Finaura App screen shots

Finaura is a jewellery discovery platform that aims to help you make your jewellery selection from the vast collection of jewelleries products available with vast number jewellers across India using a mobile app. Currently Finaura lists jewellery from 37 trusted jewellers across India providing 72,313 jewellery products show cased in 2,16,945 beautiful images. For now the app enables you to save those images and share it with your friends and family.

What is a jewellery discovery platform?

Indian jewellery industry is characterized by the presence small jewellers that cater to regional customer bases. With the exception of Tanishq or online jewellers like BlueStone, Caratlane, etc. , most jewellers have their presence limited to certain region where they are known to a the local population. These jewellers are often master craftsmen that produce exquisite works of jewellery that deserve a wider audience. Moreover Indian jewellery customers should be able to buy these designs, should be exposed to the diversity of design brought in from various parts on the nation.

A jewellery discovery platform provides a single window to browse through all the jewellery items and find the most suitable jewellery you are looking for. It gives you choice,

What we are trying to achieve involves comparing large image data sets from jewellers with their own distinct styles, designs and bring the most suitable results in front of you. Making such a selection across a huge collection of images is no simple task. So we are developing machine learning and AI algorithms that will enable you to find ornaments of similar style and design from multiple jewellers.

The AI/ML part is a work in progress, for now you can save your favorite jewellery designs to your wish list and share it with your friends and family. The app is currently available on Google Play Store. Please check it out and share your thoughts and opinion. Our Whatsapp number is directly accessible from the app, feel free to contact us any time.

If you have any queries please feel free to contact us. Call us on +91 484 2388285 or email us at finaura@finahub.com

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