Pavithra Gold Ring

Pavithra Gold Ring or Pavithrakettu Gold Ring is one of the most famous traditional jewellery of Kerala. It is an exclusive gold ornament with a matchless and mythical tradition which is famous among Indian gold jewellery. They are produced by some extended families in the Payyannur village of Kannur district of Kerala, and the origin of this unique wonder is closely related to Payyannur Subramanya Swami Temple.

Pavithra Gold Ring: Myths behind

This holy ring is worn during the rituals of pithru bali, or the prayer for the dead ancestors of the person. This ring was traditionally made of Dharba grass. The temple used to insist on wearing grass rings while performing holy rites. However, modern Pavithra ring is made of gold. The shape of the ring is unique and it looks like a knot. Silver is also used for making the ring. It is worn on the right ring finger while performing poojas for the dead ancestors. And it also has a strict rule that the ring should not fall down in the soil while performing the holy rites.

It is believed that wearing this holy ring is good for both material well-being and spiritual elevation. The literal meaning of the word Pavithra is pure and holy. There are three lines on each side of the pavithra knot and seven buds on each line. The three lines on the Pavithra gold ring do represent the three Nadis namely Ida Nadi, Pingala Nadi, and Sushumna Nadi. The knot at the centre by joining the above three lines indicates the glands in our body. These seven buds stand for Seven Rishis (Ascetics) of the cosmos Mareechi, Vasishta, Anginas, Athri, Pulasthian, Pulahan, and Krathu. The three knobs just on the pavithra knot are the Trinity of Brahma, Vishnu, and Siva. The unique flattened knob adjacent to the pavithra knot at the beginning of the middle line is the planet Sun and a similar one at the end of the same line is the planet Moon. This South Indian gold jewellery is generally manufactured in 22 Kt Gold.

Classification of Pavithra Gold Ring

It is mainly classified on its size and net weight gram.

1 full Pavithram = 38.500 grams (Rs. 1,32,500.00/-).

3/4 Pavithram = 28.900 grams (Rs. 101000.00/-).

1/2 Pavithram = 19.250 grams (Rs. 68000.00/-).

3/8 Pavithram = 14.450 grams (Rs. 51000.00/-).

1/4 Pavithram = 9.650 grams (Rs. 35000.00/-).

3/16 Pavithram = 7.250 grams (Rs. 28000.00/-).

Apart from its regular use during meditation and prayers, it is also used on special occasions as Homa and other religious rituals. Wearing the pavithra gold ring helps us maintain inner purity and reinforces the mind with greater concentration, courage, and peace of mind. At the same time, the purity of the ring also is to be maintained by wearing it only when the body and the mind are clean. Women should refrain from wearing it during the menstrual period. For better results, those who use it also are supposed to maintain purity by abstaining from alcohol and non-vegetarian food at least during the time of wearing this ring. Wearing Pavithra gold ring after a morning bath and performing Japa is a very refreshing and elevating experience.

The Pavithra gold ring can be worn only on the right hand and that too only on the ring finger. According to Hindu Shastras, each finger of the human body has different meanings and functions:

  1. The thumb represents fire
  2. The index finger represents the sky and the flowers.
  3. The middle finger represents fire and holy lamps.
  4. The ring finger represents water
  5. The little finger represents earth and sandal paste.

How to order?

The pavithra gold ring is available in Lakshmi Jewellery, Payyannur. If you want to order the ring, please follow the below details.

  1. Send your name, address and your zodiac star along with the exact measurement of your right ring finger preferably by a steel or plastic ring, choosing the intended weight from the table below.
  2. The order will be accompanied by the full value of gold.
  3. Rings will be sent by insured post at the risk and cost of the customer.

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