Manga Mala – Traditional jewellery of Kerala

Indian gold jewellery can claim of mind-blowing craftsmanship and extra-ordinary designs. Creativity and perfection are seen more in the South Indian designs. When you talk about the South Indian Gold jewellery the place that comes to your mind immediately is the little South Indian State, Kerala. 

The traditional gold jewellery has always been a part of religious festivals and ceremonies and weddings in Kerala. The traditional designs are being incorporated with the modern designs of South Indian gold jewellery giving it a refreshing look.

Each piece of traditional jewellery is unique in design and style. Among these, the Manga Mala is an authentic traditional South Indian gold jewellery style.  

This original Mala has paisley motifs of gold arranged in succession on a gold chain/necklace (Each motif is linked to the chain). These paisley motifs are of the same size and shape and go all around the necklace.

The Design and Origin

  • The Manga Mala means the ‘Mango Necklace’ because the motifs attached to the gold chain resembles the shape of a mango. 
  • In India, the mango tree is considered to be a symbol of fertility, prosperity and love. 
  • This is considered to be the reason behind the traditional gold jewellery design of this piece of jewellery.  
  • This Indian gold jewellery design symbolizes prosperity, love and wealth. 
  • Hence, this style of gold jewellery is an integral part of most of the traditional weddings and festivals in India.

Given below are some of the most popular designs of the Mala.

The Classic Design

The classic variation of the Mala is made of pure gold and the paisley motifs have intricate designs done on it. This necklace can be worn by itself at traditional events and can be worn as one of the layers with the other necklaces of gold at your wedding. If you are a person that loves untouched traditions then this classic design is for you.

Inlaid With Jewels, Pearls And Semi-Precious Stones

This type comes with diamonds, pearls and other precious/semi-precious stones inlaid in it. However, you should make sure that these jewels and other stones do not overpower the ‘Manga’ design of your necklace which is its important characteristic. This Manga Mala is medium-sized and can be worn by itself along with neutral coloured traditional outfits. 

Short Necklace

This type has a few ‘Manga Motifs’ linked to a small gold chain. If you are looking for a small and simple design this one is for you.

Peacock Design

Two designs – peacock’s feather and paisleys – merge in this type of the Maala. To enhance its beauty pair it with simple pieces of gold jewellery.


A choker variation of the Mala has paisley motifs arranged one after the other on a gold chain small enough to hug your neck. At the centre of the chain, you can find two or three motifs arranged in such a way that it looks like a pendant. Chokers may come in without the pendants too.

The love for gold and gold jewellery has always been a part of the Indian culture. The unique gold jewellery design, the purity of gold used in each piece of jewellery and its value for money is the main reason behind the high demand for Indian gold jewellery in the international markets. 

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