Mullamottu mala – Traditional jewellery of Kerala

Exotic designs, brilliance and perfection in craftsmanship, and the purity of gold, make Indian gold jewellery a favourite with fashion enthusiast across the globe. Our designs are often inlaid with precious/semi-precious stones and uncut diamonds. 

However, the South Indian gold jewellery especially the traditional jewellery is made completely out of pure gold most of the time.  Each piece of traditional gold jewellery has a cultural meaning attached to it as:

  • Most of the women in our country prefer to wear traditional jewellery for weddings and other auspicious events.
  • The traditional gold jewellery designs of South India has always drawn its inspiration from religion and its traditions, from nature and community.
  • Pure gold is used in making the traditional gold jewellery.

One of the popular gold jewellery designs in South Indian is the Mullamottu Mala. We bring to you the history and symbolism behind this exotic design. 

What Is A Mullamottu Mala?

The Mullamottu Mala is a traditional South Indian gold jewellery that has jasmine-bud shaped motifs attached to a chain of gold. ‘Mullamottu’ is a word that refers to Jasmine buds in the Malayalam language. 

The design is slightly longer compared to the other types of traditional gold necklaces. Pichimottu Mala is another form of Mullamottu mala that varies in shape/design. Here is how they differ, 

  • The Mullamottu Mala’s motifs are  slightly rounded in shape.
  • The motif in the Pichimottu mala is an elongated form of the jasmine bud.

The Mullamottu Mala looks like a long garland of golden jasmine buds. This traditional design is often crafted as a long-chain while choosing the bridal jewellery. 

The Inspiration Behind The Mullamottu Mala

Nature has been a source of inspiration to a number of designers including jewellery designers.

  • In the Indian culture flowers like roses, marigold, lotus and jasmine do play a major role.
  • These flowers are offered to the Hindu gods and goddesses during worship.
  • The white jasmine flowers have an amazing fragrance and represent divinity and purity as well as pure love and romance.
  • Hence, it is no wonder that this flower has been the inspiration behind the traditional bridal jewellery, the Mullamottu Mala.

Different Styles Of Mullamottu Mala

  • Depending on whether it is a ‘Mullamottu Mala or a Pichimottu Mala the jasmine –bud shaped motifs can be rounded or elongated in shape.
  • The Mala can either be a long necklace that rests on your chest or a middle chain/necklace.
  • Some necklaces have a big pendant attached to the middle of the chain.
  • It could either be made completely of gold or with precious/ semi-precious stones like ruby inlaid at the base of the chain.

The love and respect for gold be it the precious metal or the colour has always been a part of our beautiful culture. The colour gold is considered auspicious by most of the Indians hence can be seen in their outfits, decorations and most of all their jewellery. You can’t imagine a religious ceremony, a festival or a wedding in our country that is not gold and glittery.

Gold in the form of coins and jewellery are offered to new-born children, brides and even to Gods and Goddesses during religious ceremonies and festivals.  This shows that besides considering gold to bring in prosperity and blessings, Indians also have a sentimental value towards this precious metal.

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