Jhumkas – Traditional jewellery of Kerala

The Jhumka or Jhimkki are earrings that have been in use since ancient times in India. This traditional jewellery has been a part of the temple jewellery in our country. This traditional design remains one of the most popular choices for brides at traditional weddings held in South India especially in the state of Kerala.

The traditional earrings are a bell-shaped gold earring with a unique gold jewellery design. This timeless classic is one piece of Indian gold jewellery that has never gone out of style. It comes in two different designs:

  • Studs attached to a gold dangler shaped like a bell.
  • Studs attached to a leaf-shaped/ palakka dangler.

Traditionally this South Indian gold jewellery used to be made only in pure gold. Gold Jhumkas inlaid with precious and semi-precious stones started gaining popularity later on. Over the centuries and years, the design has undergone several changes.

Today you find Jhumkas made in different kinds of metals, inlaid with different types of stones in a wide range of colours. One of the most popular types of design that are in high demand now are the ones made in terracotta and that comes in a wide range of colours (especially the hand-painted variants). 

The History Of Jhumka

  • This traditional gold jewellery emerged several centuries ago as part of the temple jewellery in India.
  • Only the bell-shaped earrings used to be referred to as Jhumka/Jhimkki during ancient times.
  • Conventionally, this stunning gold jewellery design was part of a set of Temple jewellery which also included a choker, a piece of traditional head jewellery.
  • This set is used to be worn by the Classical dancers during their practice sessions as well as for their stage performances.
  • Unlike any other style of South Indian gold jewellery, these earrings have gained more popularity in the international markets and soon started being a part of the western culture as well.
  • Now they are so popular that they are worn along with any kinds of jewellery sets.

The Traditional Designs 

One of the most famous traditional gold jewellery, jhumkas are made using pure gold and maybe encrusted with stones including diamonds, rubies, sapphires, emeralds and other semi-precious stones. These traditional earrings continue to be the most popular choice of Indian brides while wearing a traditional Indian outfit for their wedding.

Some of the other popular styles are given below.

  • Diamond Encrusted Jhumkas
  • Kashmiri Jhumkas
  • Kundan Jhumkas
  • Terracotta Jhimkkis
  • Pearl Jhimkkis
  • Floral Jhimkis
  • Jhumkas With Hoops
  • Tribal Jhimkkis
  • Silver/Black-Metal Jhumkas
  • Jhumkas With Studs 

The elegant and classy Jhumkas are here to rule the fashion world. So, it is better to add a few more designs to your collection. After all, gold jewellery is a fashion statement as well as a trendy investment. 

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