Poothali – Traditional jewellery of Kerala

We south Indians love to wear gold jewellery. And when it comes to traditional jewellery, the love towards it is magical. Poothali is one of the oldest traditional gold necklace designs of Kerala. This gold haram design is usually used in wedding jewellery. Traditionally it was mostly used by Brahmin Brides but these days you can find it in the jewellery collection of any Kerala bride.

How it is made?

Every poothali katta or block is made very carefully to match the traditional motif design shown below.

The bottom side of the block is made with a plain golden piece. Each katta or block is made by placing several flower-shaped golden motifs on top of the golden piece. Thus a single piece of poothali katta is formed. This necklace has 30 to 35 identical pieces of kattas with flower motifs. When we look at this gold necklace design we can see small drops at its every end. These drops are called Thali. The flower-shaped motifs and Thali’s combined together to form a Poothali necklace. In Malayalam, the flower is called ‘Poo’ and ‘thali’ is the symbol of a married woman. 

All traditional jewellery are mostly handmade. Each gold jewellery design is done by giving importance to its every single work. This necklace will surely exquisite the beauty of each woman.

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