Kids Gold Jewellery Designs

Most little ones love dressing up. Inspired by watching their mothers doing it, kids too develop a love for jewellery from an early age. But, given the way they like to run about, kids and jewellery don’t always go well together. Thus, giving them your own jewellery may not be a good idea. It’s because of this reason that jewellers create designs, especially for children. Let’s take a closer look at some of these gold jewellery designs.


In India, little girls get their ears pierced at an early age. This makes earrings one of the first types of kids jewellery worn by them. Small, dainty studs are ideal for everyday wear. As far as possible, try buying earrings where the back can be screwed on. Some of the latest design of gold earrings: 

The Childlike Flower Earrings For Kids

The design of the earrings is inspired by dainty tulips. They are big enough to be noticeable but not so big that they come in the way of your girl’s games. These earrings are perfect for girls who like floral designs, ballerina skirts and similar fashions.

Ellie Stud Earrings

Does your little girl like animals? Is she a fan of the Disney classic, Dumbo? These earrings are perfect for her! This whimsical, playful kids jewellery design will pair well with all your little one’s favourite outfits. The studs are flat and have no 3-dimensional elements that have a risk of getting caught in your little girl’s hair or clothes.


When you go out with your little girl to celebrate a special occasion, along with the latest design of gold earrings, she also needs a pendant to complete her outfit. Pendants for kids can be delicate floral designs, playful cartoons or even initials. Gold jewellery is always preferable for pendants

Starlet Gold Pendant

If your little one likes cartoons, this is the perfect pendant for her. It’s playful, has lots of colour and crafted from pure gold that will be safe for your little one’s skin. This pendant can be worn on all special occasions like birthdays and festivals.

Initial Pendants

When it comes to buying a little girl Indian gold jewellery, initial pendants are a great choice. It’s a way to make your child feel special and unique. There are a number of initial pendants you can choose from. For example, if her name starts with a ‘s’ you could get the Something Special Pendant or if her name starts with a ‘T’, you could get her the Trendsetter Pendent. 

Bracelets And Bangles

When your child grows up a little bit, she can wear a bracelet or a bangle for special occasions. A delicate bracelet with charms is something every girl will love.

Joy Alukkas Gold Bracelet For Kids

A delicate gold chain bracelet with 4 enamelled charms is just what your little girl needs to complete her outfit for a party. It has all the colours your little girl is sure to love- red, pink and powder blue.

Avery Gold Bangle For Kids

The Avery Bangle is ideal for children of all ages. It’s a sturdy Indian gold jewellery design and yet has a delicate appeal. The bangle is adjustable and hence can be made to fit snugly such that there’s no risk of having it slip off her hand. 

Choosing The Perfect Gold Jewellery

When it comes to looking at gold jewellery designs for kids, make sure there are a few movable elements. Download the Finaura App now to find child-friendly jewellery designs from some of the most well-known jewellery brands in India. 

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