Men’s Gold Jewellery Designs

Who said gold looks good only on women? For centuries men too have flaunted gold jewellery. In fact, if one were to go back in history, there are quite a few pieces of men’s jewellery that have become icons in their own right. 

There are a few women who have a necklace as exquisite as Patiala’s Maharaja Bhupinder Singh. The jewellery men sport today maybe a little less ostentatious but it remains as popular today as it was decades ago. Finaura brings together a great range of men’s jewellery from some of the best-known brands. Let’s take a closer look at some of these designs.


There are probably as many design options for men’s earrings as there are for women’s earrings. What differs is that most men’s earrings are sold as single pieces meant to be worn on a single ear. Some of the latest design of gold earrings for men are studs and hoops like:

The Neo Earring for Him

Crafted from white gold with a sparkling diamond, this earring may look simple but is just what a man needs to make a bold style statement. Wear it as a single hoop or a pair for special events. It pairs well with casual wear too.

The Alicio Stud for Him

Diamonds aren’t the only gemstone a man can flaunt. This emerald and yellow gold stud are great for men who like to experiment with colours and trending fashions. 


Rings are probably the most popular type of gold jewellery worn by men. Even conservative men wear wedding bands. Men’s ring designs tend to be broader and slightly heavier than women’s rings. Let’s have a look at one of the designs.

The Amod Blue Sapphire Ring

Designed like a modern signet ring, this ring sports a show-stopping emerald cut blue sapphire set in a yellow gold ring. Geometric cut-outs on either side of the stone add to its modern appeal. 


When it comes to Indian gold jewellery for men, chains are a popular choice. Most men prefer to wear these chains without a pendant. Given below is one among the designs for men’s chains:

22kt Two-Tone Penta Figaro Chain

Don’t like a plain, solid gold chain – this is the ideal one for you. Designed with a repeat pattern of yellow gold links interspersed with a rhodium-plated oval link it isn’t bold and flashy but it does speak of good taste.

Kadas And Bracelets

Some men wear kadas for religious reasons while others wear them to make a style statement. Kadas and bracelets may be crafted out of pure gold or designed as a combination of gold and other materials like leather. Some of the most popular gold jewellery designs for men’s kadas and bracelets are:

Interwined Bracelet for Him

It’s sleek, it’s smart enough to wear to the office and stylish enough to complete an outfit for a cocktail party. What’s more, this bracelet is easy to style with the rest of your jewellery.

Devrath Kada for Him

Strong and solid – two words that characterize this Kada and the men who wear it. An etched design makes the Kada stand out amongst other designs and gives it enough to appeal to men of all ages. 

The Best Platform For Indian Gold Jewellery

Why walk in and out of stores when you can find a wide range of gold jewellery designs on the Finaura app. From the latest design of gold earrings to chains and kadas, explore the range of designs and have them delivered to your doorstep. 

Finaura is a gold jewellery design finder that helps you to find the best gold jewellery designs from the most trusted Indian gold jewellers. You can download the Finaura App from Google Playstore.

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