Finaura® Gold Jewellery Design Finder App

Finaura® Gold Jewellery Design Finder is an Android mobile app that helps in finding the gold jewellery from the best online jewellers in India. The Finaura App is powered by Finaura jewellery discovery platform that use machine learning and artificial intelligence to make jewellery selection easy for our customers.

Gold and diamond jewellery are some of the most essential personal adornments for women. Great jewellery designs go a long way in enhancing the beauty and individuality of the person wearing the jewellery. So finding the best jewellery designs becomes a very important part of gold jewellery purchase. Finding the most suitable jewellery designs can be difficult and time-consuming. We make finding great gold jewellery designs easy, convenient and collaborative.

We list real jewellery that you can buy online from the jeweller’s website without leaving the app. What you see are not just images of jewellery designs but real gold and diamond jewellery from the top online jewellers in India. You can select your jewellery, from thousands of jewellery designs from multiple jewellers shown side by side. This allows you to select the best gold and diamond jewellery designs without having to switch between different jewellery sites.

Latest Jewellery Designs

We know that ladies want to have the latest and most unique jewellery designs so that they can stand out from the crowd. To enable this, we ensure that you get the latest designs from our listed jewellers as soon as new designs are made available by the jeweller.

Jewellery Designs Categories

Finaura showcases jewellery designs in all the major categories from multiple online jewellers in one place. The jewellery design category supported are:

Rings are the most common form of jewellery worn by both men and women. We have more than 9500 gold and diamond rings designs.

We have close to 12000 gold and diamond earrings designs.

We have about 7000 gold and diamond pendant designs.

We have more than 2000 gold and diamond bangle designs.

We have 2000 gold and diamond necklace designs.

We have more than 700 gold chains.

We have about 2000 gold and diamond bracelets.

Nose pins:
We have more than 700 gold and diamond nosepins.

We have more than 500 gold and diamond bangle designs.

We have more than 100 gold coins.

All of the above categories have sub categories such as Diamond, Solitaire, Platimum, etc.

Gold Ornaments

In our ornaments page, we list the jewellery designs from the most prominent jewellery brands that have robust eCommerce services. This enables you to select your gold jewellery, add to cart and make payments. Currently, we are listing jewellery designs from the following online jewellery brands

  • Tanishq
  • Bluestone
  • Caratlane
  • Candere
  • Melorra
  • PC Chandra Jewellery

Wish list and Sharing:

We know that you ladies like to view many different jewellery designs before you make your selection. You also like to shortlist jewellery designs before you decide what to buy. Some of you may even want to share the designs with your friends or family members before you decide on the jewellery designs that you would like to buy.

Directory of Jewellery Brands

India is home to many Gold and Diamond jewellery brands that have loyal followings of their customers in their region. Many of these jewellery brands have their own unique styles and jewellery designs. Limiting these jewellery designs to a small local customer base is not fair to all those ladies that would love to express their individuality by wearing jewellery that has a unique, stylish, exemplary and authentic design. Some of the prominent jewellers featured in the directory are:

  • Bluestone
  • P C Jeweller
  • Tanishq
  • Caratlane
  • Candere
  • Melorra
  • P C Chandra Jewellers
  • Senco Gold and Diamonds
  • Joy Alukkas
  • Parinay Jewellery
  • Jos Alukkas
  • Karacraft
  • Sree Kumaran Thangamaligai
  • V B Jewellers
  • Malabar Gold and Diamonds
  • Vaibhav Jewellers
  • Prince Jewellery
  • C K C Jewellers
  • Chungath Jewellery
  • Thangamayil Jewellery
  • Alapatt Heritage
  • G R T Jewels/ Oriana
  • Kameswari Jewellers
  • Kothari Jewellery
  • A. Geeri Pai Gold and Diamonds
  • P N Gadgil & Sons

Finaura is a gold jewellery design finder that helps you to find the best gold jewellery designs from the most trusted Indian gold jewellers. You can download the Finaura App from Google Playstore.

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