Gold jewellery designs with Precious stones

Rubies, sapphires, emeralds and sparkling diamonds, there are so many precious stones to choose from. Gold jewellery with precious stones sets off an outfit and makes a glamorous statement. Stones can be used to stud earring, necklaces, pendants, bangles, rings and just about any type of jewellery for men and women. Just as there are different types of precious stones, there are different things you might want to keep in mind while shopping for Indian gold jewellery with precious stones. 

Precious Stones as Birthstones

Did you know that just as every month is associated with a zodiac sign, every month has a birthstone too? The birthstones for some months are precious stones while others are associated with semi-precious stones. For example, a ruby is a birthstone for people born in July while people born in January can wear a garnet as their birthstone. So, when you’re looking for gold jewellery as birthday gifts, this is a smart thing to keep in mind. For example, the Nirmayi Oval Stud Earrings with a ruby in the centre is ideal for women celebrating their birthday in July. If you’re looking for gold bangles design for a person born in April, you could take a look at the Namya Miracle Plate Diamond Bangle or the Wonder Wander. 

The Navratna Designs

Navratna literally translates to mean ‘nine jewels’. Navratna gold jewellery designs are typically traditional but a number of designers have begun exploring more contemporary versions as well. Each stone in the Navratna set has an affinity to a particular heavenly body. For example, rubies are believed to be connected to the sun, pearls are connected to the moon, emeralds are connected to Mercury and diamonds are connected to Venus. The other stones in the Navratna set are red corals, yellow and blue sapphires, hessonite and cat’s eye. Navratna arrangements are used for many types of jewellery including some of the latest design of gold earrings. Some of the most popular gold jewellery designs are the Orb Navratna Pendant and the Sanyukta Navratna Stud Earrings. 

Precious Stones to Match your Outfits

One of the things to keep in mind when going through a gold jewellery design finder is the colour of the outfit you want to pair it with. If you’re wearing a red dress, it might not be a good idea to wear a ruby pendant but you could pair the outfit with a pair of Aida Floral Stud Earrings or the Ranjika Rang Gold Jhumki. A red dress would pair well with a contrasting gold necklace design like the Beena Emerald Neckwear piece. As precious stones go, diamonds pair well with outfits of all colours. From the ornate Toren Diamond Necklace to the simpler Emilia Diamond Neckwear in Floral Design, there’s plenty to choose from. 

Precious Stones with Personal Symbolism

Many people have a certain connection to precious gemstones. Maybe, you inherited a sapphire pendant from your grandmother as a child and have ever since always looking for sapphires when going through a gold jewellery design finder. Diamonds as seen in the Fold Foretold Bangle and the Rochella Twister Bangle are a classic that is often favoured when browsing through gold bangles design. When you’re looking at Indian gold jewellery with sapphires, you could take a look at the Amod Blue Sapphire Ring or the Isabela Blue Sapphire Ring as an engagement ring. 

Whether it’s the set of the latest design of gold earrings or gold necklace design, precious gemstones add colour and glamour to jewellery. If you’re looking for such designs, Finaura has a great selection of gemstone jewellery from leading jewellery brands. 

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