Gold Jewellery Designs with Diamonds

The sparkle of a diamond has inspired many poets and storytellers. Though there are other precious gemstones, nothing as captivating as a diamond. So, it isn’t surprising to note that every woman wants to own diamonds of her own. There’s probably no woman who will say that she has enough diamonds! This makes gold jewellery bejewelled with these precious stones an excellent gift for friends, sisters, your partner, your mother and even your grandmother.  

Earrings for her Birthday

From teenagers to grandmothers, diamond earrings are the ideal birthday gift for women of all ages. Young teenagers may prefer some of the latest design of gold earrings like The Hamlet Diamond Earrings or the Balmy Palm Earrings.  Diamonds could be worn by little girls too but it would wise to wait a few years. When she starts working, a birthday gift of daily wear diamond studs like the Teardrop Design Diamond Stud Earrings would be perfect. Older women may prefer lockable diamond hoops like the Selvyn Diamond Earrings and the Ivy Diamond Earrings. 

A Necklace for Graduation

Graduation is an important time in every woman’s life. This is when a woman must decide what her next steps will be- will she join a corporate office? Will, she set up her own venture? Will she travel the world? A delicate necklace is an ideal gift to mark such a momentous occasion. Depending on the personality of the woman this necklace is being presented to, you could choose a delicate gold necklace design like the Plush Plus Necklace or a floral gold necklace design like the Kristabelle Ball Diamond Necklace. 

Bangles for an Anniversary 

Gold jewellery is the one anniversary gift you can never go wrong with. Your wife will be thrilled to celebrate your anniversary with the gift of gold bangles and bracelets. Women with a preference for modern gold bangles design will love contemporary bangles like the Hoop Loops or the Scallooper. On the other hand, the Raudriena Diamond and Gemstone Bangle or the Anuradha Diamond Bangle are perfectly suited to women with more traditional tastes. For younger women celebrating the first few years of a marriage, you could look at bracelets instead of gold bangles design. The Cabaret Chic Bracelet is an ideal gift.

A Ring to Complete your Wedding Vows

Wedding rings may have not been a traditional form of Indian gold jewellery worn by Indian men and women but it has become an integral part of modern wedding celebrations. Today, when buying Indian gold jewellery for a wedding, wedding rings have become essential. You could exchange plain bands but where’s the fun in that. Instead, it would be better to exchange diamond rings like the Nilav Diamond Ring for men and the Pretty in Pink Platinum and Rose Gold Diamond Ring.  

A Pendant for Special Celebrations

Sometimes, you don’t need an occasion to make a woman feel special. This is when many men look through a gold jewellery design finder for a gift. Pendants are a great type of gold jewellery design to make any occasion special. There are plenty of designs to choose from- geometric pendants like the Power-Packed Diamond Pendant, intricate designs like the Sayuri Laya Diamond Pendant, pendants with a religious theme like the Ameya Diamond Studded Ganesha Pendant and do on. 

When it comes to a gold jewellery design finder, Finaura is the perfect guide with designs from many different renowned brands. Whether you’re looking for the latest design of gold earrings or traditional bangles, you will find the gold jewellery design you’re looking for right here. 

Finaura is a gold jewellery design finder that helps you to find the best gold jewellery designs from the most trusted Indian gold jewellers. You can download the Finaura App from Google Playstore.

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