Antique Gold Jewellery Designs

Antique jewellery is very unique in its style. That’s why women love it. These are also made of precious metals and precious stones like gold, silver, platinum, diamonds, rubies and pearls. It is not mandatory that antique jewellery is made of only pure gold. Tarakashi, Thewa, Pachchikam, Meenakari, Kundankari, Jadau, Victorian, etc are some of the popular styles in antique Indian gold jewellery design.

Antique gold jewellery designs are becoming extremely desired in the modern world. Its looks, craftsmanship, and high-quality gems used as well as their one of a kind rusty look make it different in its way. Antique Indian jewellery can be well recognised by its unique design, lustre and elements used. These can be typically characterised by the period to which they belong. In the olden days, precious metals like gold, silver and platinum were quite generally used to craft the jewels to be embellished by the royals.

To maintain the unique rustic beauty of antique jewellery, it is necessary to take proper care of it. For example long exposure to dust, sunlight or rain can make the jewellery lose its natural lure. Likewise, rough treatment or powerful rubbing, brushing or washing can immediately damage it and take away its antique charm. Therefore, it is important to store all jewellery items safely in anhydrous conditions. Remember the idiom, “the older the better” when buying antique jewellery and collectables.

Now it is easy to find your favourite Antique jewellery from the best gold jewellery design finder Finaura app. There are a lot of various designs in antique jewellery. Latest gold earrings, gold bangles collection, gold necklaces collections, etc are the main examples. Some of the gold jewellery designs in antique collections are given below.

In fact, its priceless style and timeless beauty make it different from other jewellery. Many families pass down antique jewellery as an heirloom. Because of its limitless value, antique gold ornaments are considered as the precious asset among Indian people.

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