Kundan Gold Jewellery Designs

When it comes to making a woman feel like royalty, nothing compares to Kundan jewellery. Rooted in Rajasthani culture, Kundan jewellery can be described as plain or coloured glass pieces set in gold with Meenakari work on the reverse. This type of Indian gold jewellery celebrates intricate craftsmanship. Kundan is not to be confused with polki jewellery. The latter has uncut diamonds set in gold.  The jewellery may sound heavy but there are a number of light designs available as well. While the heavier pieces are ideal for weddings, lighter designs can be worn for festive celebrations. 

Kundan Earrings

A pair of Kundan earrings can instantly dress up any outfit. They’re a must-have in every bride’s trousseau. The latest design of gold earrings with Kundan work is usually danglers or balis. The Punjabi Sikh Malabar Gold Kundan Bali is a fine example of danglers with different coloured glass set in gold. The Gazala Mudhra Gold Earrings are another popular design of Indian gold jewellery with Kundan work. What sets designs like this apart is their fusion appeal.

Kundan Bangles

Gold bangles design with Kundan work is versatile and elegant. Pieces like the Tamil Gounder Malabar Gold Antique Kundan Valayal and the Sindhi Malabar Gold Ancia Kundan Kangan can be worn with a saree or a lehenga for your best friend’s wedding or with a suit for a special Pooja. For their beauty to shine, these bangles should be worn individually, not stacked with other bangles. Other gold jewellery pieces like the Uttar Pradesh Malabar Gold Ancia Kundan Kangan and the Andhra Nizam Malabar Gold Kundan Kangan can be worn at both ends of a stack of bangles. 

Kundan Necklaces

When it comes to gold necklace designs, Kundan work can be used all across the design or as accents. For example, the Kesara Mudhra Gold Necklace has the highlights in floral motifs. If you’re looking for something heavier for the wedding season, the Recina Gold Necklace is what you need. The choker design can be worn on its own or layered with a longer chain. Though Kundan is considered ethnic, modern gold jewellery design like the Rawza Mudhra Gold Necklace can be worn with cocktail dresses just as easily as they can be worn with a sari. 

Kundan Rings

When you’re browsing through a gold jewellery design finder for designs that make a bold statement, the Lotus Enamelled Ring in 18kt yellow gold is just what you need. It’s the perfect balance between modern silhouettes and traditional craftsmanship. The Rajasthani Rajput Malabar Gold Kundan Angutti is another great example of bold cocktail rings. For more casual occasions, you could try on the Uttar Pradesh Malabar Gold Kundan Anguthi. 

Kundan Naths

Whether your nose is pierced or not, for most North Indian weddings, gold jewellery like a nath is a must-have. There are a number of designs you can choose from. If you’re looking for something traditional, the Kulini Mudhra Gold Nath would be perfect. Alternatively, you could choose a floral design like the Udichi Mudhra Gold Nath. Some gold jewellery designs like the Kavinya Mudhra Gold Nath are more colourful and vibrant. 

There are a number of Kundan jewellery designs that are handed down from one generation of a family to the next. These traditional pieces are rarely found in a gold jewellery design finder. But, the good news is that many of the latest design of gold earrings, gold necklace design and gold bangles design feature highlights of the design. Whether you like ethnic designs or more contemporary forms, there’s something every woman can enjoy. 

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