Temple Gold Jewellery Designs

Temple Jewellery is a piece of ethnic jewellery, which is designed with motifs seen in temples. This gold jewellery design makes the look so magnificent that it can even go with an understated outfit. The core metal used to create this jewellery is Gold. It was also made with different types of precious stones and gems. In order to provide a classic touch to the jewellery, precious and semi-precious stones are used in both cut and uncut form.

Nowadays they are also available made in different metals also like silver, copper, bronze etc. Temple jewellery symbolises the pride of South India gold jewellery. It is a very intricately designed jewellery resembling heavily ornamented pillars and richly sculpted walls of many South Indian Temple especially, Thanjavur. Temple Jewellery had originated in the 9th century, during the Chola Dynasty.

Temple gold jewellery always carry a spiritual grace in itself. Religious concepts give it a divinity in it. So we Indians love to buy it and keep it as an emotionally valuable asset. It is crafted in many distinctive designs like lotus, peacock, gods and goddesses etc.

Now the best gold jewellery design finder Finaura app will help you to get the best temple jewellery collection near you. You will find varieties of latest gold earring designs, gold bangles designs, gold necklaces designs, etc from this App. Some of the best jewellery are listed below.






Temple Jewellery is different from other gold jewellery because of its Religious Sentiments carried within it. They are worn in different occasions such as marriages and childbirth. However, this gold jewellery is used mostly by Indian Classical Dancers and hence it is also called as Dance Jewellery.

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