Latest design of gold earrings in Sui Dhaga

Sui Dhaga is a Hindi term wherein “Sui” means needle and “Dhaga” means thread. Every sui dhaga earrings in gold have the usual needle thread pattern. Besides sui dhaga earrings in gold, they are also the same in a diamond. Some of these latest design of gold earrings also come with a matching necklace or bracelet and make a set. This type of earrings is a brave combination of culture and discovery.

The sui dhaga earrings may look large but are actually light on the ears. All the sui dhaga earrings in gold are only in 22 Kt Yellow gold. This is one of the uncommon designs of Indian gold jewellery. With their unique characteristics and marvelous design options, these earrings are taking the jewellery industry over the globe by storm.

Sui Dhaga earrings are about 3 to 5 inches in length and are not large on your ears at all. Most of the designs are done on the thread-like chains which dangle down the ear holes. For those who love multiple ear piercings, this type of earrings is a great way to look gorgeous. The Sui Dhaga design also goes uniformly fit with western and modern outfits.

The video given below will show you how to wear a Sui dhaga earring.

Now it is easy to buy your favourite Sui dhaga earrings without any difficulty. The best gold jewellery design finder, Finaura app will help you to select the best designs from the most trusted Jewellers near you. You will get to know the latest design of gold earrings from this App. Some of the new trending collection of Sui dhaga designs are given below.

Without any doubt, we can say that these earrings are becoming frequently common with women who love to add a sprinkle of tradition to their jewellery collection. You can easily buy Sui Dhaga earrings online based on your selection of fashion and match them with an outfit that improves the overall artistic charm.

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