Polki Gold Jewellery Designs

With a sparkling history dating back to the Mughals, polki jewellery is a favourite with women of all ages. The latest design of gold earrings with polki diamonds is regal, elegant, and show-stopping! Polki jewellery is characterized by uncut diamonds set in gold. 

What are uncut diamonds- diamonds that have been mined from the earth and not been enhanced in any way? They may look comparable to Kundan but gold jewellery design with polki is must more valuable since the former uses glass instead of diamonds. With polki jewellery, every piece is unique. In many families, antique polki jewellery is considered a family heirloom to be passed down from the women of one generation to the next. 

Polki Earrings

The latest design of gold earrings with polki highlights pair well with fusion as well as ethnic outfits. A pair of elegant studs like the Huma Polki Stud Earrings pairs uncut diamonds with radiant rubies. These earrings are the perfect example of how classic jewellery styles like Polki can be given a modern twist. They’re just what you need to make any occasion special. Then there’s the Adhaya Anokhi Gold Earrings. These earrings have a more classic gold jewellery style but have been sized to make them more wearable than the heavy traditional polki earrings. 

Polki Necklaces

From the bride’s trousseau to her best friend, polki jewellery is one of the most preferred styles of Indian gold jewellery for Indian weddings. The sparkling diamonds set in rich gold set off sarees, lehengas and all other ethnic outfits. A gold necklace design like the Royal Empress can be paired with outfits of any colour. This necklace can be worn on its own if you’re a guest at someone else’s wedding or layered with a long chain if you’re the bride. If you’re looking for a gold necklace design that is truly regal and fit for a queen, take a look at choker necklace designs like the Karvari Anokhi Gold Necklace. 

Polki Rings

Polki rings are a great way to create a fusion look with Indian gold jewellery. The 22kt Gold And Polky Diamond Finger Ring is a beautiful contemporary interpretation of polki design. This type of gold jewellery makes a bold statement in personal style and is suited for cocktail evenings as well as festive celebrations. The Regal Ring with Polki Diamonds and Ruby combines the elegance of uncut diamonds with delicate meenakari painting. When you’re wearing a ring like this, you don’t really need more jewellery. It’s the perfect example of ‘less is more’. 

Polki Bangles

Gold bangles design with polki diamonds enhances a woman’s feminine beauty and delicate nature. It’s not surprising to note that this style of jewellery appears often when browsing through a gold jewellery design finder. The 22kt Gold and Polky Diamonds Bangle is a beautiful design that looks best when worn singularly. Designs like the Charming Floral Bracelet with Enamel Work and Polki are a great way to add an ethnic touch to office wear for women. Unlike traditional polki jewellery, this gold bangles design looks light and dainty. Polki diamonds have also been used in other forms of jewellery like nose pins and naths.

Polki Pendants

This style of gold jewellery design is also available in sets like the Yellow Gold Open Polki Stones Pendant Set and the 22kt Gold and Polky Diamond Pendant Earrings Set.

Jewellery with polki diamonds make great gifts too and suited to birthdays, anniversaries, promotions and festive celebrations. If you’re going through a gold jewellery design finder, you will be spoilt for choice of jewellery featuring polki diamonds. Finaura app will help you to find the best gold jewellery designs near you.

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