Latest Design of Gold Earrings in Chandbali

Chandbali earrings were introduced by the women in the Nizam Era of Mughal Empire. Most of the traditional ornaments were adopted from the Mughal empire. Because of the most timeless designs and works this made space in every woman’s heart. Chandbali earrings are made in gold, silver and in an oxidised form. But these earrings are much more pretty in rose gold and yellow gold. These earrings are in the form of two crescent moons set within each other, each studded with diamonds and gemstones within geometric outlines.

These are a traditional and stunning pair of earrings that women constantly look up to. These earrings are very popular with women because they match any dress. Being an ornament that adheres to tradition and culture, they have an emotional attachment to it. The structure of these earrings is different. The earrings have a semi-circular structure. The inner half-circle rests on the ear, and the outer half-circle hangs down. The pearls or diamonds are embroidered on the lower half of the circle.

Chandbali earrings have a royal style to it. In Bollywood film, Golliyon Ki Rasleela Ram Leela, Chandbi Bali earrings have been shown to have the same luxury and charm. Since the launch of the film, the popularity of this jewellery has grown tremendously. After that, a variety of chandbali earrings have come into the market. These earrings are mainly used for weddings and are also perfect for parties, special days and regular wear. It also works well with jeans and tops, lehengas and sarees. Truth be told, wearing these earrings will change your fashion style.

The best gold jewellery design finder Finaura app will help you to find the best designs from the most trusted and best jewellers near you. We have curated a range of a beautiful set of chandbali earrings for you. Gemstones and antique works make it a statement earring which will praise your beauty. You can wear it with your outfit and flaunt like a stylish star among your friends. Some of the latest designs of gold earrings are given below.


Chandbali earrings are mostly heavily studded with stones and diamonds. They increase their appeal to their peak and attracts each and every one by grace. Jewellery trends may come and go, but craving for these ornaments remains the same for ages. So don’t hesitate to buy these trending stars. Be a part of the tradition that holds us. Be unique in your own way.

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