Latest Designs of Gold Earrings in Jhumka

Can you show a girl who doesn’t like jhumkas? The truth is that there will be none. Jhumka is an earring that is a constant in the girl’s jewellery box. Especially for all the ladies in India, this gold jewellery is very appealing. Its traditional touch also makes them think like its an emotional asset. Jhumkas comes across in many ways. They are also very popular in Silver, Gold, Diamonds and Oxidised forms. They come in new and different designs as there is more demand than ordinary earrings.

Jhumkas are an integral part of traditional Indian jewellery. The roots of Chandelier earrings are based in South India. These earrings, designed in the shape of the bell, are very attractive. The size of these earrings varies. Up to this point, the jhumkas has remained something that has never changed but is always changing. As the popularity of Jhumka grew all the over the world, the people of every region gave their own style and enhanced it.

Bharatnatyam dancers, the first artists in South India, wore jhumkas with a mattal or a Kaan chain and put on their ears. In Gujarat, silver jhumkas accompanied the Ghagra-Choli dress at their festivities. Like all other earrings, jhumka is also available in silver, gold, diamond and oxidised forms. Women of Rajasthan wear beautiful Meenakari jhumkas in a variety of floral and peacock designs. So we can say with certainty that the Jhumkas have made their place in the hearts of all. Whether it’s a wedding, a party, a special day or just a casual day out, Jhumkas look absolutely stunning in its style.

Now there is no difficulty in getting the latest design of gold earrings in jhumkas. The best gold jewellery design finder app Finaura will help you in this. Finaura will help you to find your favourite gold jewellery designs in jhumkas and will show the most trusted jewellers near you. Some of the best and adorable jhumka designs from various jewellers are listed below.


There are many designs available right now in different style and patterns. Modern jhumkas are a trending piece nowadays. One thing to keep in mind is that you are shopping in the right place. Are getting your favourite designs? With Finaura, you can easily select it at from anywhere. So choose your favourite designs without hesitation and choose the best for your wardrobe.

Finaura is a gold jewellery design finder that helps you to find the best gold jewellery designs from the most trusted Indian gold jewellers. You can download the Finaura App from Google Playstore.

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