Gold Jewellery Designs of Maang tikka

Maang Tikka is a piece of jewellery that Indian women wear on their foreheads, similar to the idea of ​​a turban worn by men. It is made up with one hook at one end and a pendant at the other. Usually, brides wear maang tikka on their wedding, but now this is beginning to be one of the trends for woman of all ages. Maang Tikka has been a part of traditional Indian gold jewellery since ancient times and has religious and cultural significance. Some maang tikkas portrayed in paintings and manuscripts are still used as inspiration for their intricate designs. According to Hindu mythology, it represents the power of the third eye or spirit. It refers to a person’s ability to control emotions and the power of concentration.

Chaand Tikka

This is one of the classic design of Mang Tikka and the most favourite among women. In North India, there is a culture, where any good work begins with the presence of the moon. So this design is mostly worn by brides on their wedding day and the women on their Karwa Chauth. On Karwa Chauth day, women fast for the longevity of their husbands. They end fasting after seeing the moon at night. Crescent Mang tikka or Circular Tikka are also used on these special days, like Chand Tika.

Single string Maang Tikka

These Maang Tikkas are mainly for Minimalist brides, who love to look simple in their attire. But don’t worry, there are many other designs in this same pattern to look gorgeous. Double string Maang Tikka, Multiple string Maang Tikka, Hairline Hugger, Matha Patti, etc are some of the similar designs in this pattern. These are some of the heavy design Maang tikkas that will help you to shine on your special occasions.

Teardrop Maang Tikka

For brides with short faces, this classic teardrop maang tikka is perfect. In keeping with tradition, a maang tikka can simply decorate the bride and work wonders. The manga tikkas are made of diamonds, rubies, emeralds and sapphires. One example of minimalist Maang tikka is Borla. This stunning spherical maang tikka is fashioned in Meenakari with stones and diamonds. It is a traditional decoration of the Marwari community. It derives its name from the Bor jujube fruit of Hindi.

Stone and diamond Maang Tikka

Diamonds are women’s best friend. The gorgeous Polki maang tikka made with uncut diamonds is the dream of any bride. The glorious Mughal maang tikka and the stunning Kundan maang tikka are now prominent in wedding ornaments. A Jhoomar or a Passa wore on the left side of the head as maang tikka, which is the traditional jewellery of a Muslim bride, enhances their appearance to royalty.

Maang tikkas have become a style statement today and can be paired with Indian and Western outfits. Maang Tikkas popularity has not diminished over time. In fact, designers and stylists are constantly looking for innovative ways to wear them. Now its very easy to buy from the most trusted jewellers near you. The best gold jewellery design finder app Finaura will help you in this. So be unique in your special occasion!

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