Gold Jewellery Designs of Ear cuffs

Ear cuffs seem like the latest trend in gold jewellery design but did you know that many women in ancient renaissance paintings sport this type of jewellery? In the mid-1900s, film stars like Marilyn Monroe too favoured these earrings. This type of earring is defined by a form that hugs the ear lobe. Ear cuffs may go along the entire outer ear or only part of it. The great part about it is that you don’t need to have multiple piercings to cover the whole ear! 

Ear Cuffs in Different Gold Tones

In its pure form, gold is too soft for it to be crafted into gold jewellery. It must be alloyed with other metals to be made stronger and harder. The metals, gold is alloyed with determines the colour of the gold alloy. The three most common gold colours used in jewellery are yellow, rose and white. Yellow gold is formed by mixing pure gold with zinc, silver and copper, white gold is made of an alloy of pure gold and platinum while rose gold is made by alloying gold with copper and silver. The Wings Ear Cuffs are a popular yellow gold ear cuff design. 

In case you’re looking for something in white gold, you could look at designs like the Leofe Ear Cuffs and the Birdie Ear Cuffs. When you go through a gold jewellery design finder you could even look at rose gold ear cuffs like the Nisa Trio Ear Cuffs. 

Nature Inspired Ear Cuffs Designs

Many of the latest design of gold earrings are inspired by nature. Floral designs like the Jonquille Floral Ear Cuffs and the Inez Ear Cuffs are very popular. Living creatures also inspire many jewellery designers. If you like butterflies, the Flitter Blue Butterfly Ear Cuffs are a great choice. Similarly, if you like peacocks the Peacock Plume Ear Cuffs are a popular design. These earrings can be paired with your favourite gold necklace designs and gold bangles design to dress up an outfit.

Geometric Ear Cuffs Designs

Geometry is another common theme for the latest design of gold earrings. The Aeolia Ear Cuffs with graduated circles look elegant and can be worn to the office as well as a Sunday brunch. If you prefer a more modern design you could take a look at the Ascend Ear Cuffs or the Charm Ear Cuffs. When you like the ear cuff design but want something simpler, you could try the Daphne Ear Cuffs. Whether you choose these Indian gold jewellery designs in yellow gold, white gold, or rose gold, they’re easy to pair with your work outfits as well as a casual day dress. 

Choosing Ear Cuffs According To Your Face Shape

When you buy gold jewellery, you should keep the shape of your face in mind. Ear cuffs suit most face shapes. Sleek designs like the Fayre Ear Cuffs suit oval and square faces while the Lotus Layered Ear Cuffs add volume to a narrow face. If you have a round face, you may want to pick earrings that can elongate your face. Ear cuffs like the Alima Ear Cuffs are the ideal design that combines ear cuffs and danglers.  

Whether you like traditional or modern gold jewellery designs, there are several ear cuff designs you can browse through. If you’re looking for a gold jewellery design finder it’s time you download the Finaura app. From the latest gold necklace designs and gold bangles designs to ear cuffs, you can find the perfect Indian gold jewellery for you. Let’s shop, right away.

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