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Bangles, bracelets, kadas – there are so many different types of ornaments you could wear to draw attention to your wrists. Bangles and kadas have a lot of similarity between them but the latter usually has a wider diameter. Many have adjustable screws to customise the fit. Most importantly, kadas are typically referred to as masculine forms of gold jewellery and are usually worn only on one hand. In terms of design, the variety of kadas available on a gold jewellery design finder is endless. 

Classic Kadas

Nothing speaks of a classic Kada design like the Punjabi Sikh Gold Kada or the Divraj Gold Kada. These designs are characterised by a plain, solid finish with an incremental slope that rises from the edges to meet in the centre. These classic gold kadas are easy to style and can be worn by men of all ages. Women could wear them too! Men with slender wrists could choose a narrower gold bangles design like the Saeed Gold Kada. If you don’t like the yellow gold look, how about the Eric Platinum Kada for him…

Bracelet kadas

These kadas are more flexible and feature linked units with a clasp at the end.  A Kada like the Jacob Gold Bracelet is ideal for men with large hands as a full-circle Kada may be difficult to fit. The flexibility of the structure of these designs is what makes them so popular. The most classic of all bracelet kadas is a linked chain design like the Godfrey Gold Bracelet. If you’re looking for Indian gold jewellery with a more modern look, you could pick the Glada Gold Bracelet or the Edward Gold Bracelet. 

Religious kadas

Kadas have religious significance for many people. In the Sikh religion, the Kada is one of the 5 ‘K’s that identify believers as Sikhs. These are usually simple kadas like the Divleen Gold Kada. Some kadas also feature mantras. The Om Namoh Shivay Gold Kada is one such design. If you prefer more symbolic gold jewellery design, take a look at the Padmanabha Gold Kada. The rudraksha beads on the Calvin Rudraksh Gold Bracelet give it a very subtle religious tone. It’s ideal for men who prefer to keep their beliefs to themselves. 

Open-ended kadas

Not all kadas are a closed band of gold. The open-ended Kada design covers the front and both sides of the wrist but not the inner wrist. These gold jewellery designs are ideal for men with large wrists as they can be twisted on at the wrist instead of having to be passed over the entire hand. If you’re looking for something solid in a gold jewellery design finder, the Half Gold Kada is ideal. The Om Namah Shivay Gold Kada is another popular design in this category. Apart from the fit, this design is also popular because of the way it uses rose gold. 

Kadas with rhodium and enamel highlights

Gemstones are not seen often on gold kadas. Instead, these types of Indian gold jewellery are usually highlighted with rhodium or enamel detailing. The Mavin Gold Kada uses rhodium to highlight a seamless geometric gold bangles design while the Antique Elephant Gold Kada uses rhodium to highlight only the elephant. The Mukhti Gold Kada uses both rhodium and black enamel in its design. 

A gold Kada can be worn throughout the day- you can wear it to the office as well as a cocktail party. For the latest gold jewellery designs take a look at Finaura. Browse through Kada designs by trusted jewellers and shop for your favourites from the comfort of your home.

Finaura is a gold jewellery design finder that helps you to find the best gold jewellery designs from the most trusted Indian gold jewellers. You can download the Finaura App from Google Playstore.

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