Gold Anklet Designs

When a bride puts together jewellery for her trousseau, it isn’t limited to earrings, necklaces and bangles. Though they may stay hidden for a majority of the wedding events, gold anklet designs are an essential part of this collection.  Anklets are usually delicate and designed to be a flexible chain that falls around the ankle. This type of Indian gold jewellery doesn’t just look pretty on your feet, it also makes a delightful sound with every step that you take. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular types of anklets.

Solid Gold Chain Anklets

Simplicity is beautiful when it comes to anklets. An interlinked chain design like the Starlet Gold Anklet from Malabar Gold and Diamonds, Product Code: MHAAAAAABYNW (Fig.3) is a simple design that makes your feet look delicate without drawing too much attention to itself. You could also take a look at gold anklet designs like the Malabar Gold Anklet, Product Code: MHAAAAABAPJR (Fig.2) or the Starlet Gold Anklet, Product Code: MHAAAAAAVJHS (Fig.1). Though this type of gold jewellery looks delicate, they are sturdy and ideal for every-day wear. 

Anklets With Charms

Younger women may prefer anklets with dangling charms. The Tip Toes gold Anklet (Fig.4) is popular with teenagers as well as young working professionals. These designs are available in yellow gold, white gold and rose gold. The Malabar Gold Anklet, Product Code: AKDZSA026 (Fig.7) with studded danglers is another popular design. Like other types of gold jewellery designs, the type of anklet best suited to a woman also depends on the style of clothing she is most comfortable in. For example, the Leafstream Gold Anklet (Fig.6) is ideal for women looking for jewellery to complement jeans or a pair of trousers. On the other hand, if you’re looking for something ethnic, you may like the Malabar Gold Anklet, Product Code: MHAAAAAAHJBR (Fig.5).

Colourful Anklets

Anklets are often constructed with semiprecious and precious gemstones to add a splash of colour. The Malabar Gold Anklet, Product Code: AKDZSA002 (Fig.10) has multi-coloured Marquise cut stones. The Malabar Gold Anklet, Product Code: AKDZSA027 (Fig.9) is similar to this design except that the gemstones are designed to dangle from the chain in this case. The use of different coloured stones makes these anklets easy to style with all your outfits. Another way to add colour to gold jewellery is by enamelling the design. This type of Indian gold jewellery is often more budget-friendly as compared to anklets with gemstones. The Footloose Gold Anklet (Fig.8) is a beautiful example of gold anklets with enamel detailing.

Anklets For Kids

Gold anklet jewellery isn’t worn only by adult women, they are also a popular form of jewellery for young girls. Whether it’s a birthday or an upcoming festival, you can browse through a gold jewellery design finder to select anklets as gifts. With three beautiful flowers, the dainty Floral Trail gold Anklet (Fig.11) is ideal for a preteen. If you’re looking for something that blends traditional and contemporary design, you could also consider gold anklet jewellery like the Starlet Gold Anklet, Product Code: AKNOSA005 (Fig.12). 

Mangalsutra Anklets

Anklets like the Love Gold Anklet (Fig.13) are also a great way of telling a woman how much she is loved. Women who are looking for unique ways to wear their Mangalsutra may also be intrigued by Mangalsutra anklets like the Starlet Gold Anklets, Product Code: MHAAAAAABVYW (Fig.15) and the Starlet Gold Anklets, Product Code: BAMSKD00021 (Fig.14). These types of gold jewellery designs give women a way to wear jewellery symbolic of their marital status without shouting it out to the whole world. 

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