Gold Mangalsutra Bracelet Designs

One of the memories every bride holds special from her wedding day is when her husband puts a mangalsutra on her for the first time. The ceremony is known as the Mangalya Dharanam. According to Hindu traditions, from then on, her mangalsutra symbolizes her marital status and commitment to her husband. But, not everyone likes wearing a chain. Today, many women across India prefer to wear a traditional mangalsutra necklace only on special occasions like festivals and weddings and mangalsutra bracelets on a daily basis. There are many different gold mangalsutra bracelet designs you can choose from.

Single String Mangalsutra

Traditionally, mangalsutras are made up of a series of black beads on a chain. The string of beads reflects the woman’s husband’s family which the woman will join after the wedding. For women who like this look, gold mangalsutra bracelet designs like the Zivah Mangalsutra Bracelet and the Sana Mangalsutra Bracelet. These gold bracelets follow the same basic structure as traditional mangalsutras and replace the pendant with a charm. If you’re browsing through a gold jewellery design finder for a mangalsutra bracelet with more than one charm, you may want to take a look at jewellery designs like the Malina Mangalsutra Bracelet. 

Double String Mangalsutra

Another type of traditional mangalsutra is the double-stranded mangalsutra. The two strings of black beads are believed to denote the union of Shakti and Shiva. You can look at Indian gold jewellery designs with a floral charm like the Flora Mangalsutra Bracelet or the Anaisha Mangalsutra Bracelet. Alliteratively, you may want to consider bracelets with symbolic charms like the Reesha Mangalsutra Bracelet and the Adya Mangalsutra Bracelet. When you’re looking at the charms, you can categorize the bracelets as those with dangling charms and those with double hook charms like the Aarushi Mangalsutra Bracelet.

Mangalsutras With A Pop Of Colours

Coloured gemstones are making their way into the charms on mangalsutra bracelets. The Suhani Mangalsutra Bracelet is one such gold jewellery design. Choosing a design with a pop of colour is a great way of finding gold jewellery that reflects your personal preferences, for example, your favourite colour. If you like wearing green, the Kyra Mangalsutra Bracelet would be a great choice. Another way designers add colour to gold jewellery designs is by enamelling details. The Leena Mangalsutra Bracelet is a popular mangalsutra bracelet with enamelled detailing on the charm. 

Mangalsutras With Fewer Black Beads

The black beads on a Mangalsutra have a lot of symbolism behind them. However, not everyone likes wearing gold jewellery with an entire string of black beads. Modern designs with symbolic black beads are preferred by a number of women today. The Jina Mangalsutra Bracelet has seven black beads and a delicate gold chain while the Arched Mangalsutra Bracelet has only 3 black beads. The Ahana Mangalsutra Bracelet increases the spacing between the black beads to let the beauty of the gold shine on its own. If you’re looking for Indian gold jewellery that’s really unique, you should check out the Mishka Mangalsutra Bracelet. In this case, the black beads are not part of the bracelet but are used to ornament the charm. 

No matter what your personal style of jewellery is, you can find a mangalsutra bracelet that complements your personality while conforming to tradition. A gold jewellery design finder like Finaura presents designs from all the major Indian jewellery brands. It’s one of the most convenient ways to put together jewellery for your wedding trousseau. Browse through hundreds of designs from your phone, order the one you like the most and have it delivered to your home. 

Finaura is a gold jewellery design finder that helps you to find the best gold jewellery designs from the most trusted Indian gold jewellers. You can download the Finaura App from Google Playstore.

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