Gold Stud Earring Designs

There’s a special place in every woman’s heart for her earring collection. The simple act of screwing on a pair of earrings can make a woman feel beautiful, more confident and happier. Stud earrings are probably the smallest of all earrings but they’re a must-have in every woman’s collection. They’re ideal for a weekend lounging at home, a day at the office and sometimes they’re perfect for a date too. It’s no surprise that every gold jewellery design finder dedicates a lot of space to gold stud earrings. 

Let’s Make Every Day Special

Whether you like classic gold jewellery designs like The Saksham Stud Earrings or more contemporary silhouettes such as The Tema Stud Earrings, there are plenty of stud designs to choose from. These gold jewellery designs suit all your outfits and you may choose to change them every day or wear the same pair for a few days at a stretch. Gold stud earrings with a geometric theme such as the Seam Miracle Plate Stud Earrings are ideal for a day in the office. And if you’re meeting a friend for brunch on a Sunday afternoon, the Lady Elegante Stud Earrings is just what you need to elevate your look. 

A Splash Of Colour

When choosing jewellery for the day, many women like to match the colour of their earrings to the colour of their outfits. The latest design of gold earrings with precious and semi-precious gemstones makes this easy to do. For example, if you’re wearing a red dress, you could pair it with the Suneha Stud Earrings. Another way an Indian gold jewellery designer add colour to stud designs is with enamelled detailing. The Petite Blue Buttery Stud Earrings is one of the most popular enamelled gold stud earrings. If you’re looking for something sleeker without enamelled detailing or gemstones, how about earrings in pink gold like the Irania Stud Earrings? 

Let’s Party

Studs aren’t just for your casual outfits, you can wear them to a party too. Navratan studs like the Priyala Stud Earrings are popular choices for festive celebrations. Studs are popular choices for wedding celebrations too. Gold jewellery designs like the Bellum Flower Stud Earrings are perfect for your best friend’s Mehendi or your brother’s Haldi ceremony. On the other hand, if you’re dressing up for a cocktail party, you could wear the Jerzie Stud Earrings or The Peacock Vivacity Stud Earrings. You could even wear the Alder Root Stud Earrings with your little black dress to make a bold fashion statement. 

Studs For Kids

A girl is never too young to wear earrings. Most Indian girls have their ears pierced at a very young age. Studs are ideal for kids since there’s no fear of them getting tangled up in your little girl’s hair or getting caught in her dress. Gold jewellery designs like the Heart Smiley Kids Stud Earrings and the Dazzling Heart Kids Gold Earrings are great for school-going girls. There are a number of colourful enamelled designs that are popular with little girls. You could choose butterfly-themed Indian gold jewellery designs like the Little Vermin Kids Gold Earrings or floral designs like the Delicate Darlings Stud Earrings for Kids.  You could even get your little girl mismatched studs like the Reggina Earrings for Kids. 

Thinking of buying a pair of gold stud earring? A gold jewellery design finder like Finaura makes it easy for you to browse through the latest design of gold earrings. See designs from India’s most trusted jewellers, pick your favourites and have them delivered to your doorstep. It’s the simplest, most convenient way to shop for jewellery. 

Finaura is a gold jewellery design finder that helps you to find the best gold jewellery designs from the most trusted Indian gold jewellers. You can download the Finaura App from Google Playstore.

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