Platinum Ring Designs

Every woman loves jewellery. However, every woman has a different taste in jewellery. While some like traditional Indian gold jewellery, others may prefer sleek platinum rings. Unlike Gold, Platinum jewellery has a more modern appeal. Today, there are probably just as many platinum chain designs, platinum earrings, platinum bangles and rings as there are gold jewellery designs. For now, let’s look at the different types and styles of platinum rings.

Platinum Band Rings For Him And Her

There’s nothing like a platinum gold ring to declare your love for your partner. These bands may be simple and minimalistic like the Clyde Ring for Women and the James Platinum Diamond Band for Him or ornate like the Eowen Platinum Diamond Ring. Many jewellers design these rings in pairs for husbands and wives. In such cases, the overall design follows the same story but there are minor differences to differentiate between his and her ring. For example, the Diego Platinum Ring for Men is slightly broader than the Frida Platinum Ring for Women. 

Platinum And Diamond Rings For Her

Platinum and diamonds are a great combination and loved by women across the globe. A ring like the Platinum Ring is the perfect base to show off the brilliance and sparkle of a diamond. The Love Struck Platinum Diamond Ring and the Demy Love Band for Him are popular designs in our platinum collection. Eternity band designs like the Colette Platinum Eternity Diamond Ring are a classic you can’t go wrong with. You could also look at solitaire rings like the Precious Platinum Ring. These rings are ideal for a day in the office or an afternoon lunch. They can be worn singularly or layered with other rings. One of the reasons platinum jewellery is so popular is because it complements other pieces in platinum as well as all gold jewellery designs. 

Platinum Cocktail Rings For Her

When you’re dressing up for a party, choosing the right jewellery is key to your look. You can’t wear exquisite platinum chain designs and not match them with the perfect ring. Worry not, you’ll find just what you need on the Finaura gold jewellery design finder. A platinum gold ring like the Pretty in Pink Platinum and Rose Gold Diamond Ring is ideal for a cocktail evening. It pairs well with silk sarees as well as a little black dress.

Platinum Rings For Him

Since time immemorial, there are many men who have loved wearing jewellery just as much as women. It isn’t surprising to note that many jewellers have a platinum collection just for men. You can choose to wear a plain ring like the Infinitum Band for Him or a diamond-studded band like the Bradley Platinum Band for Him.  The former is better suited to your workwear while the latter is just the statement piece you need for an after-work cocktail party. The Wanderlove Band for him or the John Platinum Band for him is also very popular in its style.

Choosing The Perfect Platinum Ring

Platinum used in jewellery is usually 95% pure. When you buy a platinum ring, look for the hallmark of purity. This may be written as PT950 or PLAT950. One of the reasons many women choose platinum over Indian gold jewellery is because this metal is denser than gold and can resist more wear and tear. If you’re looking for a platinum ring for yourself or for someone you love, try the Finaura gold jewellery design finder. Finaura lists platinum rings from some of India’s top jewellers and allows you to browse through all their designs on one app instead of having to navigate through multiple websites and apps. 

Finaura is a gold jewellery design finder that helps you to find the best gold jewellery designs from the most trusted Indian gold jewellers. You can download the Finaura App from Google Playstore.

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