How To Choose Wedding Jewellery Online?

The COVID 19 outbreak has led to a great increase in the number of online shoppers. With several restrictions imposed by the Government all over our country to curb the quick spread, most of the businesses including jewellery have started relying on online shopping.  In India, jewellery, especially gold, continues to be the most preferred choice of brides when it comes to choosing wedding jewellery. Compared to buying bridal jewellery at a store, purchasing wedding jewellery online could prove to be quite overwhelming. 

With so much variety of gold jewellery designs to choose from one could be confused about how to make the right choice. Many e-com sites let you try on pieces you like and choose the one you like. They bring the designs home for your try on. Depending on the theme of your wedding you can either go for the traditional Gold Necklace – Product Code: JA1T6S (Fig. 1) or Gold Necklace – Product Code: JA500FF3Z8 (Fig. 2) by Jos Alukkas. 

How can you make sure that you are choosing the perfect wedding jewellery online?

Prospective brides can consider the factors given below before making an online purchase of bridal jewellery. 

Decide On A Budget

Have a clear understanding of the maximum amount you wish to invest in your wedding jewellery and search accordingly.

Research Thoroughly And Read Reviews

The research will give you several suggestions and comments on the different styles of bridal jewellery and on what to look for depending on your tastes, skin tone and the colour and style of your bridal outfit.

Skin Tone And Shape Of Your Face

Make sure that the design you choose compliments your skin tone and the shape of your face.

3 Popular Wedding Jewellery Apps

Give below are some of the much sought-after wedding jewellery Apps that you find in India.

1. Finaura

Finaura is a gold jewellery design finder app used on mobiles. You can choose from several thousands of bridal jewellery designs by more than 37 popular and trustworthy jewellers from all over India. The app has a wide range of gold jewellery collection and each piece of jewellery has a BIS Hallmark.  For instance, you can choose Diamond Mangalsutra From Pride Collection (Fig. 3) by Joyalukkas or Gunjan Nimah Gold Jhumka (Fig. 4) from Candere. You can also find Tanishq’s Dazzling Gold Neckwear For The Kannadiga Bride (Fig. 5) or the Sparkling Gold Bangle Perfect For Any Bride (Fig. 6) on the Finaura gold jewellery design finder app. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are being made use of to help you find a gold jewellery design that suits your unique taste and style.

2. Bluestone Jewellery Online

You can make use of this app to purchase some of the finest wedding jewellery designs by BlueStone. The app is convenient to use and secure.  You can also add the stylish The Adalin Bracelet (Fig. 7), The Dalisa Dangler Earrings (Fig. 8) or The Bliran Bangles (Fig. 9) by BlueStone to your wedding set using Finaura jewellery design finder app.

3. Caratlane App

A partnership of Tanishq, this app gives you more than 5,000 jewellery designs to choose from. You can purchase the best quality jewellery at the best price. However, if you have Finaura installed, you can easily find the Flashing Bridal Ring Set (Fig. 10 ) or the Glistening Solitaire Bridal Ring Set (Fig. 11) by CaratLane without downloading any other app. 

It is always better to go for a timeless wedding jewellery design as it will prove to be a long-term asset. Remember, such pieces of gold jewellery never go out of style.

Finaura is a gold jewellery design finder that helps you to find the best gold jewellery designs from the most trusted Indian gold jewellers. You can download the Finaura App from Google Playstore.

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