Gold Dangler Earring Designs

Earrings are an integral part of almost every woman’s look. On an ordinary day, she may choose to wear a pair of small studs that stay out of the way but special occasions demand a little more. Switching out a pair of hoops of stud earrings for gold dangler earrings can instantly elevate an outfit and make a woman feel more confident. Dangler earrings aren’t necessarily very long and are well suited to office celebrations as well as festive gatherings with the family. In terms of design and style, your choices are endless.

The Glow Of Gold Or The Sparkle Of Diamonds?

The first choice before you – solid gold dangler earrings or earrings studded with diamonds? Solid gold dangler earrings like the Deja Dangler Earrings and the Eurig Dangler Earrings are ideal for formal occasions. For example, if you’re getting a promotion at work or have an important presentation to deliver, these are the ideal pair of earrings. They will make an impact but won’t distract people from what you’re saying. On the other hand, if you’re going for an after-work party or brunch on Sunday with your girlfriends, you may want to wear something sparkly like the Harvey Dangler Earrings or the Elmer Dangler Earrings. Diamond studded danglers are great for festivals too. Some designs like the Laury Dangler Earrings are studded with diamonds as well as other precious and semi-precious stones. These earrings are perfect for wedding events such as a Mehendi or sangeet. 

Yellow, White, Or Pink Gold?

In your grandmother’s time, Indian gold jewellery may have been synonymous with a yellow metal but today, the latest design of gold earrings has danglers in yellow, white and rose or pink gold. While the look is definitely different, the value of gold stays the same irrespective of the colour. If you’re looking for a design in yellow gold, the Modha Dangler Earrings and the Ivor Dangler Earrings are worth a second look. But, if you don’t like the look of yellow gold jewellery, you could look at designs in white gold like the Taichi Dangler Earrings. Rose gold is one of the hottest current trends of gold jewellery design. So, if you like staying ahead of the trend wave, the Anine Dangler Earrings and the Amany Dangler Earrings are must-haves in your collection. 

What’s Your Style?

Though women share a universal love for gold jewellery, no two women will have identical tastes in earrings. Some like classic, ethnic jewellery while others prefer more contemporary designs like the Alia Mina Dangler Earrings. If you like dainty, floral designs, the Twirl Around Ribbon Dangler Earrings will seem made just for you. Gold jewellery designs can be structured and geometric like the Taavi Dangler Earrings or have a more ornate Art Deco appeal like the Matteo Dangler Earrings. They may be designed as a sleek, single-chain strand like the Iravati Dangler Earrings or be broad with multiple dangling elements like the Vitrice Dangler Earrings. Whether you’re just browsing or looking for something in particular, you’re sure to find it on a gold jewellery design finder.

Given its popularity, jewellers in India are constantly updating their latest design of gold earrings. The good news is that staying abreast of current trends is now easier than ever before. Instead of opening multiple websites for each jeweller, you can simply browse through designs from India’s top jewellers on a gold jewellery design finder app like Finaura. Here, you can shop for all types of Indian gold jewellery online with the assurance of buying pure, hallmarked gold. So, what are you gifting yourself today? 

Finaura is a gold jewellery design finder that helps you to find the best gold jewellery designs from the most trusted Indian gold jewellers. You can download the Finaura App from Google Playstore.

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