Solitaire Pendant Designs

When it comes to gold jewellery design, solitaires are a class apart. Unfortunately, solitaires are often misunderstood as unaffordable. However, a solitaire pendant isn’t as far out of your reach as you may have imagined. Whether you’re shopping for yourself or looking a gift for your special someone, there’s nothing like solitaire to add sparkle to life. Gold jewellery studded with solitaire is perfect for everyday wear. Another reason these pendants are great gifts- they aren’t subject to any size limitations.

What Makes A Solitaire Pendant Special?

A solitaire sets itself apart from other diamonds with its size. All solitaires are diamonds but the reverse is not true. Diamonds must be at least 30 cents or more to be called solitaires. Don’t confuse this with Indian gold jewellery that features a cluster of diamonds that may have the combined carat value of more than 30 cents. They may look similar from afar but the value cannot be compared. When it comes to solitaires as set in the Ribbona Solitaire Diamond Pendant, this is the minimal carat value for a single diamonds. Diamonds this big are rare and hence their high value. As the size of a solitaire increase, so does its value. Trust us a woman will know the difference between a gold pendant design with a cluster of small diamonds and a solitaire pendant. It’s the perfect example of how less can be more.

Solitaire Pendant Designs

Gold pendant designs with solitaires are typically quite minimalistic. The aim here is to flaunt the solitaire and hence gold is typically used only to frame the stone and form a loop that connects it to a chain. The Sassy Solitaire is a classic pendant design for solitaires. That said, jewellers still have plenty of ways to be creative with their designs. For example, the Solitaire Extraordinaire uses both yellow and white gold to form the bail. It’s a subtle detail that makes a big impact. Another way gold jewellery designs with solitaires set themselves apart is with the shape of the stone. The V’ Loop Heart Solitaire Pendant gets a heart-shape not from the gold moulding but from the shape of the gemstone itself.

Why Settle For One When You Can Have More?

When you browse through a gold jewellery design finder, you’ll see that not all solitaire pendants limit themselves to a single stone. Many jewellers set a solitaire along with smaller diamonds. For example, the Celestial Solitaire Diamond Pendant features a solitaire encircled with smaller diamonds. The Inferno Solitaire Diamond Pendant is another popular design featuring a solitaire and smaller diamonds. Then there’s the Victory Solitaire Pendant. This design is unique as the bail itself is studded with diamonds.

Making A Solitaire Pendant Your Own

Even when you are shopping online for gold jewellery, there’s a certain amount of customization you can do. Most Indian gold jewellery designers give customers the option between yellow gold and white gold. For example, the Simple Solitaire Pendant can be made in yellow gold, white gold or rose gold. If you have three sisters, what better Diwali gift than this pendant in different gold finishes! Depending on your budget, you can also choose between 14kt and 18kt gold for this pendant.

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