Kids Chain Designs

Every little girl idolizes her mother’s style. So, if you love jewellery, don’t be surprised if you’re little girl enjoys it too. From a young age, it’s important that you let your daughter wear only gold jewellery.  This protects her from allergic reactions and is safe for her skin. Birthdays and festive occasions are ideal opportunities to gift your little one a piece of Indian gold jewellery like a kids chain. Locked firmly in place, there is no chance of a chain falling off or getting lost and it does not interfere with her games.

The Beauty Of Simplicity

When it comes to kids jewellery, the style options are limitless. But, sometimes, the simplest designs are the most beautiful. A gold chain can be worn not just on special occasions but for everyday use as well. Did you know that wearing a piece of gold jewellery is believed to bring good luck? If you’re looking for a chain that your little one can wear on a regular basis, the Charming Cable Chain for Kids is ideal. The chain complements all her outfits and can be worn as sit is or with a cute pendant. Since you can change the pendant at will, the chain is versatile and can be given many different looks.

Matching Gold Chain Designs To Your Child’s Personality

Like your jewellery, kids jewellery should also reflect their personality – their likes and dislikes. With online gold jewellery design finders like Finaura, it is easy to show your little girl what you’re shopping for and get her view on it before buying it. When it comes to gold chain designs, there are three factors to keep in mind – the width of the chain, the chain style and the pendant or charms on it. For kids, gold chains are typically kept lightweight. A chain may follow a single style of loops or may mix and match styles.

For example, the Joyalukkas Gold Chain for Kids alternates between two different types of loops. Choosing the pendant or charms is the fun part of buying Kids chains. Jewellery designers take their inspiration from many different themes to create designs that appeal to children. Birds and animals are a popular theme for chain designs. For example, the Joyalukkas Gold Chain for Kids is a popular design for girls who like owls. On the other hand, if its sparrows and twittering birds that capture your daughter’s fancy, the Joyalukkas Gold Chain for Kids would be a great fit.

Adding A Splash Of Colour To Kid’s Gold Jewellery Designs

While you make like your jewellery studded with diamonds and precious gemstones, when you look at chain designs for kids, you may want something simpler. Children are known for their carefree nature and need to play. Hence, expecting them to wear a piece of jewellery that needs to be handled with care is not very wise. That said, a plain gold chain may be too sober for their exuberant natures. This is where enamelled finishes come in. jewellery designers use an enamel finish to add colour to charms on a necklace. For example, take a look at the Joyalukkas Gold Chain for Kids. It has beautiful shades of red and pink as well as blue.

With a gold jewellery design finder like Finaura downloaded on your phone, you can browse through gold jewellery designs like the Joyalukkas Gold Chain for Kids from the comfort of your home. Most of the Indian gold jewellery available on this platform is hallmarked. So, shop without worries and share your love for dressing up with your little one.

Finaura is a gold jewellery design finder that helps you to find the best gold jewellery designs from the most trusted Indian gold jewellers. You can download the Finaura App from Google Playstore.

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