Solitaire Ring Designs

There are rings and then there is THE ring. If you’re looking for a ring to tell your partner that they’re special to you, solitaire rings are just what you need. Elegance, glamour and dazzling style, these rings offer all that you’re looking for. When it comes to engagement rings, these designs are the most obvious choice to symbolize your love.

Single-Stone Solitaire Rings

Solitaires can be defined as diamonds that are bigger than 30 cents. The size of the gemstone is the main factor influencing the price of these gold ring designs. While many types of Indian gold jewellery feature smaller diamonds arranged in a cluster, they do not have the same look like a single solitaire. A round solitaire set in yellow gold like the Aakruthi Solitaire Diamond Ring is a classic favourite. However, this is not the only option available in terms of solitaire cuts. If you’re looking for an exquisite ring design, take a look at the Marqui Solitaire Diamond Ring with a Marquis cut solitaire or the square solitaire in the Solitaire Diamond Ring from the Pride Collection.

Solitaires And More

When it comes to gold jewellery, the less is more concept never works. To further enhance the sparkle of a solitaire, many gold jewellery designers set it along with other smaller diamonds. Take the Pride Solitaire Diamond Ring for example. The solitaire sparkles at the centre while smaller diamonds arranged on the band add to its lustre. Then there are designs like the Sauvignon Solitaire Diamond Ring. As the size of a solitaire increase, so does its price. This ring design features a halo setting with a solitaire at its heart encircled by smaller diamonds. An infinity band setting with a solitaire as the centre stone is a very popular setting.  The Classic Emerald Solitaire Ring is a fine example of this style.

Bridal Ring Sets

While Indian weddings are very different from the white weddings we see abroad, the concept of exchanging rings is has travelled across the seas to become a part of our celebrations as well. There’s the engagement ring and the wedding ring with the former usually being the showstopper. Indian gold jewellery designers have used this opportunity to design bridal ring sets. These sets usually feature a solitaire as part of the engagement ring design and smaller diamonds on the wedding band. The Majestic Solitaire Diamond Ring and the Stellar Solitaire Bridal Ring Set are amongst the most popular designs on the online gold jewellery design finder.

Solitaire Rings For Men

Who said only women can have gold jewellery designs that sparkle? Solitaires are as popular with men as they are with women. The Ted solitaire Ring for Men is a favourite amongst men who like flaunting their diamonds. If you’re looking for something sleeker, you could take a look at the Ben Solitaire Ring for Men.

Shopping For The Perfect Solitaire Ring

Gold ring designs like the Heron Solitaire Diamond Ring and the Adhira Solitaire Diamond Ring are great ways to mark significant occasions like a girl’s 18th birthday or your 25th wedding anniversary. If you’re looking for solitaire rings, you don’t have to go far – you can shop for a ring on your phone!

Finaura is a great gold jewellery design finder that brings together ring designs from some of India’s top jewellers on a single platform. You can browse through the best gold jewellery designs and pick the one you like best. Some jewellers will also allow you to customise the ring in terms of the gold colour. So, are you ready to choose a ring?

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