Diamond Necklace Designs

When it comes to jewellery, there’s nothing as elegant as a diamond necklace. If you’re thinking of gifting a piece of jewellery to your partner, this would be the perfect option. In terms of design and budget, the options are endless. Whether you like something delicate and dainty or something ornate, you’re sure to find it on a gold jewellery design finder. 

A Touch Of Glamour For Everyday

Who says wearing a diamond necklace should be limited to special occasions. A delicate diamond necklace design can be worn any day of the week. Necklace designs with a pendant-style like the So Saccharine Diamond Necklace and the Berry Bar Necklace are ideal as a gift for your daughter on her graduation. Similarly, gifting your girlfriend the Ring and Arrow Multi-Layer Necklace would be the perfect way to celebrate a promotion. This is not the only type of diamond jewellery you can consider. The Love Swing Necklace and the Rachna Paisley Necklace are delicate designs that add a sparkle to any everyday outfit. 

The Brunch Special

Dressing up to go out with your friends is always fun. And, a diamond necklace like the Twined Miracle Plate Diamond Necklace is the perfect accessory. Whether it’s a summer dress or a pair of jeans and top, wear them with the Misty Twists Diamond Necklace or the Intertwined Infinity Diamond Necklace to make a chic style statement. It’s amazing how a single piece of Indian gold jewellery can dress up any outfit! While diamonds itself are ideally colourless, many jewellers have collections where they combine diamonds with enamelled finishes to add a splash of colour to the design. The Royalty Peacock Diamond Necklace is a popular example of such a design. 

Statement Designs For Cocktail Parties

A beautiful cocktail outfit deserves beautiful jewellery. And, nothing is more perfect than a sparkling diamond necklace. The Kunica Necklace pairs beautifully with evening dresses as well as elegant sarees. If you’re partial towards floral designs, take a closer look at necklace designs like the Mine Diamond Necklace Set (Product Code: N71517) and the Arosa Antique Diamond Necklace. On the other hand, if you’re looking for a modern, geometric themed design, the Cowgirl Diamond Flexi Necklace would be perfect. Many diamond necklace designs are available with matching earrings making a complete set. The Diamond Necklace (MDN006718) from Pride Collection is one of the most popular gold jewellery designs in this category.

Wedding Showstoppers

Most brides consider diamonds essential to their trousseau. A necklace like the Mine Diamond Necklace Set (Product Code: NSMBNK20423) would be the perfect way to make your lehenga look even more stunning than it is. If you’re going down the ethnic route, the Muslim Bride Era Uncut Diamond Necklace (Product Code: NEERHDOSCKA006) and the Celebration Bride Mine Diamond Gold Necklace (Product Code: BNMTEMP106N) may be just what you need. If you’re looking for something edgy and different, take a look at necklaces in rose gold like the Mine Diamond Necklace (Product Code: MBNK20406)  and the Mine Diamond Necklace (Product Code: MBNK20370). These diamond necklaces are available with and without matching earrings. The Mine Diamond Necklace Set (Product Code: NSMBNK20190) is another popular design with young brides for their reception party.

Whatever the occasion, finding the perfect piece of diamond jewellery is effortless. With a gold jewellery design finder like Finaura on the phone, you can shop for all the different types of Indian gold jewellery without leaving your home. Browse through the most stunning gold jewellery designs from some of India’s top jewellers and pick your favourite. It’s time to add some sparkle to your look.

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