Mens Ring Designs

Rings are one of the most popular categories of men’s jewellery. Since time immemorial, men have flaunted rings to symbolize their marital status, societal position and affinity to cultural beliefs. As compared to ring designs for women, men’s rings are typically heavier. However, there are limitless design options to choose from. Let’s take a look at the main categories of rings for men. 

Band Rings

Wedding bands are probably the most commonly worn type of Indian gold jewellery. The practice of wearing a ring as a symbol of a man’s marital status began in the west but today is very common across India too. Many couples exchange rings at their engagement and hence, his and hers matching rings are quite a popular concept. If you’re looking for a classic ring design, a simple gold band like the Derwin Gold Band for Him or the Soulmate Ring for Him is the way to go. To make a more trendy statement, take a look at mens rings like the Carl Gold Band for Him. Alternatively, how about a two-toned ring like the Brooke Gold Band for Him? When it comes to wedding bands, platinum rings are as popular as gold rings. The Platinum Ring is a popular design in this category.

Diamond Studded Rings

Diamonds aren’t only for women; many men like their bling too. With this in mind, mens jewellery designers have extensive ranges of masculine diamond-studded rings. With a single stone at its centre, the Gold Ring is a classic favourite. If you’re browsing through a gold jewellery design finder for a design with a modern edge, the Euros Ring for Men and the Derreck Ring for Men are great choices. The mens ring design version of a cluster ring could probably be termed a grid ring given that the diamonds in such designs follow a grid format. The Marcus Ring for Men and the Kirk Diamond Ring are fine examples of this style.

Rings with Religious Significance

The second most popular reason for men to sport Indian gold jewellery is to show their affinity to their beliefs. You can find a ring with motifs inspired by almost all religions. Wearing a ring like the Axel Cross Diamond Ring or the Diamond Ring from Pride Collection (Model No: JVEDRG02016) is a subtle way of proclaiming your faith to the world. These mens ring designs are more about having a symbol to reaffirm your faith in troubled times. If you do want to make a statement, take a look at bolder ring designs like the Om Maheshwara Diamond Ring and the Diamond Ring from Pride Collection (Model No: JVIDRG00069). 

Navratna Rings

There are men who wear navratna gold rings to show off their faith while others adorn them to simply make a style statement. Characterized by a 9 gemstone arrangement, these rings have deep cultural symbolism and are often believed to have talismanic benefits to one’s health and wellbeing. The Vidhata Aakar Ring and the Raj Darpan Ring are classic examples of a Navratna setting.  If you want a signet ring styled design, the Navratna Ring may be the ideal fit.

With gold jewellery design finder apps like Finaura, you can find the perfect gold jewellery design for yourself without even stepping out of your home. Browse through gold jewellery designs from India’s top jewellers and take your pick. What’s important to remember is that when it comes to picking a ring, size is as important as the design. You want a ring that slides onto your finger smoothly but fits perfect with no risk of slipping off. Happy Shopping!

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