Mens Earring Designs

It hasn’t been just women who flaunted jewellery, but men too did that. Pierced ears were common amongst the Indian royalty as well as the common man. In many parts of India, boys have their ears pierced when they are still toddlers. As babies, they may wear a simple gold hoop earring but as they grow older, many men like to flaunt unique earring designs. In most instances, men wear a single earring on the right or left earlobe. Some men wear earrings as a fashion statement while others wear earrings as a way to make a cultural statement.

Smart Studs

Stud earrings are the most popular type of mens jewellery. They may be small but they still make an impression. Mens earrings are usually crafted from yellow or white gold. Designs in rose gold are quite rarely seen in Indian gold jewellery designs for men. These studs may be a solid gold stud design like the Vikrant Earring for Him or the Braylon Stud for Him or may feature a few sparkling diamonds. The Hawk Ear Stud for Him is a popular design in this category. Stud earring designs like these are ideal for daily wear. For a special occasion like a birthday or a cocktail party, you may want something a little more dramatic like the Savant Earring for Him or the Hank Ear Stud for Him. Most mens earring designs are sold as single pieces but if you’re looking for a pair of earrings, take a look at the Men’s Earring Studs. 

High-Fashion Hoops

Hoops are another popular style of mens earrings. They are much smaller than hoops for women but just as beautiful. Most hoops for men are designed to tightly encircle the ear lobe. Plain gold hoops like the Cirque Earring for Him are amongst the most popular designs on a gold jewellery design finder. If you want a more modern look, take a look at the Felicite Earring for Him.  Mens earring designs like the Neo Earrings for Him can be customized and made in white gold, yellow gold or rose gold to complement your personality. Some men may even choose to wear a stud on one ear and a hoop earring on the other earlobe. 

Earrings That Add Colour

If you’re looking for mens jewellery that matches your outfits, you should take a look at earrings studded with precious and semi-precious stones. Take the Alicio Stud for Him for example. These are the ideal earrings to wear with a deep green shirt. Black is another popular colour for gemstones on men’s gold jewellery designs. They’re often used on stud designs like the Carl Ear Stud for Him as well as hoops like the Omar Ear Stud for Him. Indian gold jewellery for men usually follows a geometric theme. Bold designs like the Nouveau Earring for Him and the Malabar Gold Men’s Stud (Product Code: PLAER14519BS) are popular examples of such themes. Then, there are earrings that follow a religious theme. The design like the Men’s Earring Stud from Joy Alukkas (Product No: TM11033480)is a symbolic representation of faith. 

You could also look at nautical gold jewellery designs like the Men’s Earring Studs. Irrespective of the type of mens earrings you want, today, you can shop for them online. All you need is a gold jewellery design finder app like Finaura on your phone. Finaura presents hallmarked gold jewellery designs from some of India’s top jewellers. This makes shopping for jewellery even easier as you don’t have to browse through multiple websites, you can find everything you need on a single app. Ready to shop?

Finaura is a gold jewellery design finder that helps you to find the best gold jewellery designs from the most trusted Indian gold jewellers. You can download the Finaura App from Google Playstore.

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