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Who said you need a special occasion to dress up and put on some beautiful gold jewellery. Whether you’re stepping out to meet a friend at a café or running errands on the weekends, putting on light jewellery like a pair of earrings or a pair of bangles can bolster your self-confidence and transform an ordinary day. The bottom line – don’t limit your gold jewellery collection to festivals, invest in a few lightweight casual wear jewellery designs that you can wear through the week as well. 

Earrings to make every day extraordinary

It’s rare for a woman to step out of her home without a pair of earrings. A pair of stud earrings like the Winding Solitaire Diamond Stud Earrings and the Ponraj Stud Earrings are classic favourites as they pair with almost all outfits. 

If you want to colour coordinate your look, match the colour of the gemstone in the earrings to your outfit. For example, gold jewellery designs like the Malabar Gold Earring (Product Code: EGSGHTYA0075) would complement a red dress beautifully. 

Do you have a round face? Look for longer drop earrings or danglers like the Parisa Diamond Earrings. You could even consider sui dhaga earrings like the Yashvi Sui Dhaga Earrings from the Finaura online casual wear collection. 

On the other hand, if your face is long and narrow, add volume with hoops like the Means of Jeans Diamond Hoops Earrings. 

Pendants that aren’t just for parties

If you’re wearing studs or small drop earrings, you may want to accessorize your outfit with a chain and a pendant. Designs like the Cillia Twist Pendant and the Katayun Pendant add a touch of glamour without making you look overdressed for a cafe. Initial pendants like the P Initial Pendant with Chain are another great example of casual wear jewellery. 

You can also look at the pendant and earring sets like the Diamond Pendant Set from Pride Collection (Model No: JVLRDP000465). These lightweight jewellery designs will make you look elegant and sophisticated no matter where you’re going. Pendant design choices are virtually limitless. Whether you’re looking for a delicate floral design like the Playful Parrot Pendant or an abstract pendant like the Ayreon Pendant, finding casual wear jewellery online on a gold jewellery design finder is easy.

Bangles to brighten your day

You may choose to keep your wrists bare at the office but when you’re going out for a drink in the evening, a bracelet amps up your outfit. You could look at delicate linked gold jewellery designs like the Croc Talk Gemstone Bracelet and the Elia Cluster Hug Bracelet or bangle-style bracelets like the Amour Bracelet.

 You can also flaunt multi-strand bracelets like the See-Saw Diamond Bracelet. The trick with bracelets is to choose a single piece that complements your outfit. Unlike bangles, bracelets look better when worn as a single piece. That said, if you like a chunkier look, check out the 22kt Gold Bracelet for Women (Model No: BN17023222) in the online casual wear collections. 

Rings to refresh your mood

If you wear a ring like the Ava Bow Ring when you go over to your friend’s house for dinner, you’re sure to be complimented for your taste in gold jewellery. When you’re looking for casual wear jewellery online there are a number of rings that will catch your eye.

Designs like the Fiery Trail Diamond Ring and the Skyrah Diamond Band can be worn singularly or stacked together while others like the Parallel Criss Cross Ring are best worn singularly.

 So, are you ready to browse through the Finaura gold jewellery design finder and update your jewellery collection?

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