Solitaire Nosepin Designs

In India, a pierced nose isn’t seen as fashion but a symbol of Indian culture and heritage. Many girls get their nose pierced in puberty and wear a nose pin every day. If you were to look at religious illustrations and statues of deities in temples, you would notice that they too wear nose pins. It comes as no surprise to note that many designers offer a wide range of nosepin designs. Of these solitaire nosepins are a popular category.

Diamond Vs Solitaire Nosepins

Diamonds and solitaires are ideal for this type of gold jewellery design. A sparkling gemstone is just what’s needed – enough to draw attention to your face and yet not too much sparkle to distract from your natural beauty. If you’re browsing through solitaire jewellery on a gold jewellery design finder, you should be able to differentiate between diamonds and solitaires.

All solitaires are diamonds but not all diamonds can be called solitaires. To be categorized as a solitaire, the diamond set in a nosepin design should meet a minimum carat weight criteria. For example, the Arya Solitaire Nose Pin features a 0.3-carat diamond.

There’s another subtle difference between nosepins set with diamond and solitaires. Solitaire settings typically feature only a single gemstone. On the other hand, diamond nosepins may feature many gemstones in different settings such as cluster or halo setting.

Keeping A Nosepin In Place

Given the size of the gemstone, a solitaire nosepin design is a considerable investment. It would be a shame for such a stunning piece of jewellery to fall off. Thus, the closure for this type of Indian gold jewellery is as important as the stone itself. There are two types of closures used for nosepins. One is a wire form. These nosepins features a curved wire that keeps the nosepin from falling off.

The Sassy Solitaire White Gold Diamond Nose Pin is an excellent example of this type of solitaire jewellery. The alternative is a screwback design. Take a look at the Gracie Solitaire Nose Pin – the nosepin has two parts with a back that can be screwed into the front piece.

Solitaires And The Colour Of Gold

A solitaire needs little else to shine. Most designs show off just a hint of the gold in the form of the claws holding the solitaire in place. But, a little bit can make a big impression. This type of gold jewellery design may be crafted in yellow gold or white gold. The difference in colour does not influence its price or value. The difference is merely the result of the metals used to alloy and strengthens gold. Yellow gold is an alloy of gold and copper while white gold contains nickel or zinc.

The colour of gold used influences its appeal. The Solitaire Extraordinaire White Gold Diamond Nose Pin has a modern appeal while the yellow gold in the Devanshi Solitaire Nose Pin gives it an ethnic touch.

Shopping for Indian gold jewellery like a solitaire nosepin is easy today. Instead of having to walk through crowded marketplaces, you can browse through designs from some of the top jewellers on the Finaura online gold jewellery design finder. Compare designs, prices and carat weight to find a gold jewellery design that reflects your tastes and personality.

From the Aria Solitaire Nose Pin with a 0.2-carat gemstone to the Aanya Solitaire Nose Pin with a 0.4-carat gemstone, there’s plenty to choose from.

Once you find the solitaire nosepin design you want to buy, simply place your order online and wait a few days before it can be delivered home. Happy shopping!

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