Wedding Jewellery For Maharashtrian Bride

A Maharashtrian bride’s outfit and choice of gold jewellery for the wedding are unique when compared to brides from other parts of India. Jewellery for Maharashtrian brides is characterized by a combination of yellow gold, pearls and other precious and semi-precious gemstones. This style of bridal jewellery finds itself mentioned in several well-known Marathi poetry and prose. If you want to look like the classic Marathi Mulgi on your big day, here are a few jewellery pieces you must have.

Necklaces For The Maharashtrian Bride

When it comes to Maharashtrian wedding jewellery, brides do not wear a single heavy necklace with their wedding saree. Instead, they layer necklaces of varying lengths. This layered style typically consists of a choker style necklace like the Aaruni Tushi Kyra Gold Necklace or the Subha Kyra Lappa Gold Necklace and longer necklaces like the Marathi Bride Divine Necklace (Product Code: NEGEANRNLLA177) or Divine Gold Necklace (Product Code: BLRAAAAGKBTR). 

The traditional Maharashtrian wedding jewellery includes the Bakuli Haar, the Putli Haar, the Kolhapuri Saaza and the Moti Haar. Along with this jewellery, there is another piece of bridal jewellery every bride needs – a Mangalsutra. The Brinda Mangalsutra and the Alekha Mangalsutra are beautiful pieces that will complement a Maharashtrian bridal outfit.

The Choodas

While brides from northern Indian are known for their red bangles, brides from Maharashtra wear gold bangles interspersed with green glass bangles. This wedding jewellery is considered symbolic of a new life and fertility. It is customary to wear an odd number of these bangles on both hands. The solid gold bangles worn with these bangles are known as tode and patlya. These pieces of gold jewellery are typically gifted from the groom’s family and worn after the Mehendi ceremony. Heavy gold bangles like the 22kt Yellow Gold Bangle for Women (Model No: JVBM13014908) and the Naman Chandan Kyra Gold Bangle are usually preferred. You can also look at intricately carved bangles like the Rucha Kyra Gold Bangle. 

The Nath

Like brides from other parts of India, Maharashtrian brides too wear a nosepin but the style is very unique. The Maharashtrian nath is shaped like paisley. This piece of wedding jewellery is made up of pearls strung on a gold wire with a gemstone in the centre. A single red pearl of stone is another characteristic feature of this gold jewellery design. The Marathi Bride Divine Nosepin (Product Code: NPDICDTRRNA002) on the Finaura gold jewellery design finder is a popular design. If you want the look but something a little more modern, you could consider contemporary interpretations of the design like the Heli Paisley Nosepin.

Other Classic Pieces Of Maharashtrian Jewellery

There is no set pattern to the earrings, anklets and rings flaunted by Maharashtrian brides. Some wear a maang tikka like the Deivani Mudhra Gold Mang Tikka while others do not.  However, there are a few other typical gold jewellery designs. 

For example, Maharashtrian brides can be recognized by the Mundavalya or their foreheads. This can be described as a single or double strand of pearls strung on a red thread. The Vaaki or armlet is another characteristic type of Maharashtrian jewellery. 

Brides may choose to wear a single armlet or one on both arms. In terms of design, you can choose a classic flat, gold armlet with a gemstone in the centre of something more modern like the Marathi Bride Divine Armlet (Product Code: ATDICTRVNA025).

Partly because of their choice of jewellery and vibrant sarees, Maharashtrian brides are recognizable from afar. If this is the style of jewellery you’re looking for, check out the latest designs on the Finaura gold jewellery design finder.

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