Wedding Jewellery for Bengali Bride

A red banarasi saree embellished with rich gold embroidery to match the many pieces of gold jewellery- that’s what makes Bengali brides stand out. Just as the wedding ceremony has number rituals unique to itself, there are a number of jewellery pieces unique to Bengali brides. They typically wear solid gold jewellery with a delicate gold crown, layered necklaces and the classic red and white bangles. If you’re looking for Bengali wedding jewellery, here is the type of jewellery you could flaunt.

The Mang Tikka

Bengali brides refer to the mang tikka as the taira and tikli. The tikli refers to mang tikka designs like the Retro Bride Gold Mang Tikka (Product Code: TANQBIT00145) and the Deivani Mudhra Gold Mang Tikka while the Taira refers to bridal jewellery designs like the Raadhi Mudhra Gold Mang Tikka and the Kasiga Mudhra Gold Mang Tikka. 

A taira is often preferred over the tikli as it also helps hold the dupatta in place over the bride’s head. When you browse through mang tikka designs on a gold jewellery design finder you will note that Bengali brides do not favour designs with Kundan work. Instead, they prioritize intricate detailing on gold.

The Necklaces

Necklaces are one of the highlights of Bengali bridal jewellery. These pieces are usually layered. The most important pieces for a Bengali bride include a choker style necklace like the Gawri Sankalp Gold Necklace, a necklace that falls flat against the collar bone like the Parineeti Chandraharam Kyra Gold Necklace or the Divine gold Necklace (Product Code: FAMAAAAAFSTJ) and longer multi-strand necklaces like the Ifana Kyra Gold Necklace and the Vineela Kyra Gold Necklace. Bengali wedding jewellery pieces are almost always chosen in yellow gold.

The Earrings

Jhumkas and chandbalis are the most popular types of earrings for a Bengali bride. When it comes to Bengali jewellery and earrings, bigger is always better. Depending on your style of saree, usually could look at wedding jewellery designs like the Helex Jhumkas, the Kautirya Jhumka and the Younger Goddess Chaandbali. Some brides also like to wear oversized stud earrings like the Dallin Stud Earrings.


Bengali brides may be identified by their shaka-Paula or the red and white bangles on their wrists but these are not the only type of bangles worn. Bangle designs like the Maysa Bangle and the Gupta Dynasty Ethnix Gold Bangle (Product Code: BAANBVA001) are ideal for Bengali weddings. 

You can also look at gemstone studded Bengali jewellery designs like the Hina Bangle and the 22kt Yellow Gold Bangle for women. And finally, there’s the navratna bangle design like the Twirl Navratna Bangle.


For the finishing touches to your bridal look, don’t forget the nath. Floral gold jewellery designs like the Udichi Mudhra Gold Nath or the Vaanya Mudhra Gold Nath would complement a Bengali bride beautifully. Exchanging rings may not be part of a traditional Bengali wedding ceremony but don’t let that stop you from wearing one. 


A cocktail ring like the Tulle Ring or the Prafula Mudhra Red Gold Cocktail Ring would be a beautiful accent. You can also explore hair accessories in gold to complete your wedding jewellery set.

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