Wedding Jewellery for Rajasthani Bride

The largest state in India, Rajasthan means ‘the abode of Kings.’ Be it in terms of traditions, rituals, and grandeur the Rajasthani weddings are one of a kind. Rajasthani brides look royal in their heavily embroidered lehengas or ghagra choli and the traditional Rajasthani wedding jewellery. The significant influence of the Mughal Empire can be seen in this state but mostly in the Rajasthani jewellery. The Rajasthani jewellery is quite popular and in-demand around the globe for its different styles, intricate designs, and attention to detail. The bridal jewellery collection of the Rajasthani brides seems incomplete without the heavy and beautiful jewellery like the Meenakari, Thewa, or Kundan designs. 

Meenakari Design

The Meenakari design is a timeless classic that is quite popular even today. This is a piece of Rajasthani wedding jewellery in gold or silver covered in coloured enamel or with inlaid precious/semi-precious stones. The Era Uncut Diamond Gold Necklace Set (Product Code: NSNEHD5BM001) and the Bollywood Bride Gold Necklace (Product Code: NANQBIN04482) would be perfect for Rajasthani brides. 

If you are looking for earrings in this design you can check out the 22KT Gold Drop Earrings, Naavya Mudhra Gold Chandbali, or the 22KT Gold Jhumkas. 

The Rajasthani bridal jewellery collection is never complete without the perfect Nath. If you are looking for a Meenakari design you can check out the Kavinya Mudhra Gold Nath, or the Udichi Mudhra Gold Nath, or the Depthi Mudhra Gold Nath, on the Finaura app. 

The Malabar Gold Bangle Set (Product Code: BACOVM0007), Malabar Gold Bangle Set (Product Code: BACOVM0014), Precia Gemstone Gold Bangle Set (Product Code: BSBAPRHDOSRGA003), Or the Lipsa Rang Gold Bangle on the Gold jewellery design finder app Finaura are some of the bangles you can find in this design.

The Retro Bride Gold Mang Tikka (Product Code: TANQBIT00144), Aida Mudhra Gold Mang tikka, or the Keyuri Mudhra Gold Mang tikka would work perfectly for your Meenakari design bridal jewellery set. The intricate gold jewellery design with brilliant colours fashioned into the jewellery piece is enough to catch the attention of anyone.

Thewa Jewellery Design

Thewa jewellery design has been there for centuries. Traditionally beads, lac, and zari (gold thread) are used in making this style of jewellery, and designers continue to experiment with its style and designs. If you are searching for Thewa jewellery pieces to add to your wedding jewellery collection you can check out the following on the Finaura App.  The Ethnix Gold Necklace Set (Product Code: NSNEETANRNSPA037), and the Malabar Gold Necklace Set (Product Code: NSMHAAAAAHMOFY) are two good choices that you can look through.

The Kundan Jewellery Design

The Kundan jewellery is a gold jewellery style quite popular among Rajasthani brides. This is one of the older forms of gold jewellery design in India that has its origin in the Rajasthani royal courts Kundan jwellery design has precious/semi-precious stones set in gold. In this traditional design gemstones are set with a gold foil in between each stone. The jewellery piece has a lac base at its back.

Jaipur the capital city of Rajasthan is the traditional centre for this gold jewellery design in India.  The Kundan jewellery also happens to be the most popular of all wedding jewellery designs in India. The Ethnix Gold Celebrity Necklace set (Product Code: NEANCKA173), Madhuja Mudhra Gold Necklace, and Sparkling Bride Gold Necklace (Product Code: NEETB6A001) would be perfect choices for Rajasthani brides looking for wedding jewellery set in this design.

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