Wedding Jewellery for Sikh Bride

Perfectly adorned in their traditional bridal outfits and wedding jewellery, an aura of simplicity, elegance, and grace surrounds Sikh brides. The Sikhs do not consider their marriage as just a ceremony to unite them but rather it is considered as a spiritual journey that leads and connects them to God. Therefore, the Sikh bride is supposed to look her best at her wedding. This means special care and attention is given to the bridal make-up, bridal jewellery, and choosing the right colours for her wedding outfit.

A Sikh bride usually wears a lehenga or salwar kameez in shades of red or pink for her wedding as these colours symbolize promising hope and prosperity in her married life. She also covers her head with beautifully embellished dupatta during the entire ceremony. However, the show stopper is the traditional gold jewellery she wears at her wedding.

The bridal trousseau of a traditional Sikh bride usually contains gold jewellery pieces that are classic in style and unique in designs.  The Ranihaar which is a heavy and long gold necklace, the intricately designed Mang Tikkas, the huge Naths, and the traditional Choodas are some of the most popular Sikh wedding jewellery adorned by brides at their weddings. When paired perfectly with their wedding outfits they are sure to turn all heads in their direction.

So, what are some of the Sikh wedding jewellery pieces that are essential for traditional Sikh brides? Let’s take a look at a few of them.

Rani haar – Necklace

The Ranihaar worn by Sikh brides are necklaces made of gold that are quite long and heavy. The gold jewellery design is elaborate and could come with inlaid diamonds and other precious stones.  The Kanak Mudhra Gold Necklace, the Vineela Kyra Gold Necklace, and the Muslim Bride Ethnix Necklace (Product Code: NEGEANASLLA005) on the Gold jewellery design finder Finaura are good choices in this design.

Polki Necklace

Polki necklace is a gold jewellery design that comes with inlaid uncut diamonds. You can check out the Ethnix Gold Celebrity Necklace set (Product Code: NEANCKA173) or the Celebration Bride Era Uncut Diamond Necklace (Product Code: NEERHDOSCKA007) which are good choices in this style of necklace.

Mang Tikka- Head Ornament

The Sikh brides wear Mang Tikkas that have a huge pendant that hangs on the forehead of the bride beneath her dupatta. The Zyanna Mudhra Gold Mang Tikka and the Raadhi Mudhra Gold Mang Tikka are good choices for a Sikh bride.

Gold Bangles

The Choodas gifted by the bride’s maternal relatives is the most important of all bangles worn by her. These are red and ivory coloured. You can consider pairing your Choodas with the Malabar Gold Bangle Set (Product Code: BSFAMAAAAAFQTY) or the Dizzying Dapper Bangles or the Taani Anokhi Gold Kada. 

Nath- Nose Rings

The Nath is a big nose ring in gold worn by the Sikh brides and has a gold chain attached to it. The gold Naths are inlaid with different coloured jewels and pearls.  The Arwa Mudhra Gold Nath, the Udichi Mudhra Gold Nath, and the Kavinya Mudhra Gold Nath are perfect choices for the bridal jewellery collection of Sikh brides.

Chandbali – Earrings

The Chandbali earrings in gold are always the most preferred choice at traditional Sikh weddings. The Bini Wavy Chand Bali, the Foolan Filigree Chand Bali, and the Elara Lotus Chand Bali are good choices for a Sikh bride.

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