Wedding Jewellery for Kashmiri Bride

Kashmiri weddings are a celebration of traditions, culture, and beauty. Beginning from their pre-wedding rituals to the post-wedding celebrations Kashmiri weddings happen through several days. The custom of gifting gold jewellery to each other’s families is also an important part of these weddings. Kashmiri’s take pride in their rich traditions and culture and this can be seen in their wedding rituals, food, and stunning wedding décor. The colourful lights, dances, and traditional Kashmiri songs are an integral part of Kashmiri weddings which makes the entire celebration vibrant and joyful.

 Adorned in their colourful outfits and traditional Kashmiri jewellery, the Kashmiri brides are a sight to behold! Traditionally the Kashmiri brides are known to wear a bridal outfit called a Pheran. However, nowadays most brides opt for a beautifully designed Kashmiri lehenga or a saree along with traditional wedding jewellery. 

The perfectly blended Kashmiri embroidery and Zari work are done using gold thread make these outfits stunningly beautiful. 

The Traditional Kashmiri Bridal Jewellery

The Kashmiri wedding jewellery is mostly set in gold with inlaid precious/semi-precious stones.  The traditional Kashmiri bridal jewellery includes a Dekdaman which is a head ornament, earrings called Kundal or Kashmiri Jhumkas, anklets that are referred to as the Nupura, the Vaeal which are huge lockets set in gold, and the Gunus which is a thick and heavy bangle with a lion/snake’s head at both the ends of the bangle.  

Are you planning a traditional Kashmiri wedding? Wondering how to choose the perfect Kashmiri wedding jewellery? Take a look at the Kashmiri jewellery collection given below.

Head Ornament: Jiggni And Dekdaman

These traditional Kashmiri bridal jewellery are worn on the foreheads. They are gold jewellery and can be in a circular, semi-circular or triangular shape. Similar to the Maang Tikkas these ornaments could be set completely in gold or inlaid with pearls and precious stones.

The Bollywood Bride Gold Mang Tikka (Product Code: TANQBIT00149) on Finaura would be a perfect choice for a Kashmiri bride.  You can also check out the Raadhi Mudhra Gold Mang Tikka or the Aarna Mudhra Gold Mang Tikka on the gold jewellery Design Finder.

Earrings: Kundal And Jhumkas

If you are looking for Kundal earrings for your Kashmiri bridal jewellery collection you can check out the Plush Hoop Earrings. 

The 22KT Gold Jhumka Earrings, the Kautirya Jhumka, the Pansy Blossom Chand Bali, and Ira Layered Chand Bali on Finaura are also great choices for a Kashmiri bride.


Heavy chokers set in Gold and precious stones and Vaeal are quite popular among Kashmiri brides. The Dakshatha Sankalp Gold Necklace, the Madhuja Mudhra Gold Necklace, the Binal Mudhra Gold Necklace, and the Aurek Nivara Gold Necklace are some unique gold jewellery designs that you can check out on Finaura.

Gold Bangles

When it comes to bangles Gunus is a popular gold jewellery design among Kashmiri brides.  You can check out the Angela Cutwork Bangle, the Era Uncut Diamond Gold Bangle Set (Product Code: BSMHAAAAAGUWDZ), or the Maanya Mudhra Gold Bangle on this app 

Anklets: Nupura

Gold anklets are always a part of the Kashmiri bridal trousseau. The Starlet Gold Anklet (Product Code: KERAAAAAARFY) and the Leafstream Gold anklet are good choices for Kashmiri brides.

Nose Rings

The gold nose rings popularly known as the Naths are an integral part of the Kashmiri bridal jewellery collections. The Dipeshi Mudhra Gold Nath and the Diksya Mudhra Gold Nath are perfect choices for your jewellery collection.

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