Wedding Jewellery for Manipuri Bride

Manipur simply means ‘the land of gems’. Earlier the state of Manipur was referred to as ‘Subarna Bhu’ which means ‘the land of gold’. Some of the ancient texts also mention that this was a state that was actively involved in exporting gold. Along with several other tribes the Meitei and Bishnupriya communities dominate this little North-Eastern state of India. 

The people in Manipur are known to be proud of their traditions and culture and they abide by them with all their heart. Manipuri’s love and admiration for their culture and traditions are also greatly reflected in their weddings. Like most Indian weddings the weddings in Manipur also take place through the span of a few days, keeping up with their traditional customs and rituals.

The Manipuri brides are known to wear colour full outfits and can be clearly distinguished from any other community for their unique style and design.  A skirt referred to as the Raslila is worn by these brides for their wedding along with a sarong and a choli. Brides from certain tribes are known to wear full-sleeved choli.  

However, the showstopper is the traditional Manipuri jewellery worn by the brides. The Manipuri wedding jewellery is mostly set in gold with attached beads, pearls, and precious stones. Even though Manipur is considered to be the land of gold and precious stones the brides wear only the basic gold jewellery like earrings, simple necklaces, finger rings, and bangles for their wedding ceremony. 

Bridal Jewellery Of Manipur

The traditional bridal jewellery of Manipur is mostly set in gold. Kiyang-Likphang, Marei Pareng (Necklace), Khimarun, Likchow or Kantha (Beads set in gold and other metals), Liksoi, and Khownappi are some of the traditional Manipuri wedding jewellery that is unique in gold jewellery design.  Most of these Manipuri jewellery pieces can be made only by the traditional goldsmiths from Manipur.

Given below are some of the gold jewellery styles and designs that would be perfect for a Manipuri bride. 

Head Ornaments- Maatha Patti 

A Maatha Patti is a head ornament that has a Pendant that hangs on to your forehead with two chains attached to it. This piece of jewellery is set in gold with inlaid precious and semi-precious stones. You can find unique designs like the Raadhi Mudhra Gold Mang Tikka, the Kasiga Mudhra Gold Mang Tikka, and the Ubika Mudhra Gold Mang Tikka on the gold jewellery design finder by Finaura, that are perfect for Manipuri brides.


The Manipuri brides are known to adorn themselves with a few layers of simple gold necklaces and chains. You can check out the Ahana Nivara Gold Necklace, the Advika Gold Necklace, the Navdha Necklace, the Ifana Kyra Gold Necklace, and the Audrina Necklace on Finaura.

If you are looking for a simple gold chain you can consider 22KT Gold Chain or the Stunning Gold Chain.


When it comes to earrings the Manipuri brides prefer wearing gold danglers. The Salsa Dangler Earrings and the Nita Pearl Bloom Chand Bali are great choices for a Manipuri bride.


Manipuri brides usually wear bangles made of pure gold or those inlaid with precious stones. You can check out the designs like Dyuti Emerald and Ruby Bangle, or the 22KT Yellow Gold Bangle Set with Intricate Work on Finaura.  

Unlike the other places in India, the Manipuri brides are known to wear simple gold jewellery for their wedding. Finaura Gold jewellery design finder has a wide range of collection of gold jewellery by some of the most trusted jewellers in India. Enjoy safe shopping without leaving the comforts of your home. 

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