Wedding Jewellery for Gujarati Bride

Vibrance and joy surround the wedding celebrations in Gujarat. Traditional rituals, brilliant colours, amazing music, Dandiya and Garba – the folk dances of Gujarat, and delicious food make these weddings an unforgettable experience. The entire wedding happens through a span of a few days with several pre-wedding rituals, the actual wedding ceremony, and post-wedding celebrations. Like any other state in India culture and traditions plays a major role in Gujarati weddings as well. 

Panetar and Gharchola are the two types of sarees worn by Gujarati brides for their weddings. The Panetar is a silk saree in white with a red and gold border and has Zari work on it. The Gharchola saree is gifted to the bride by the groom’s family and green or red colours are the more popular choices for weddings. Gharchola is worn by the bride during the end part of the wedding ceremony. 

Even though new trends like lehenga-choli have emerged over the years Panetar and Gharchola continue to be the most popular choices among Gujarati brides. 

Gujarati Wedding Jewellery

Like any other wedding, the showstopper at a Gujarati wedding is the magnificent pieces of wedding jewellery adorned by the brides. The traditional Gujarati bridal jewellery is mostly set in gold with inlaid pearls, diamonds, and other precious and semi-precious stones. Kundan jewellery is one of the most popular styles of gold jewellery among Gujarati brides. 

The Gujarati jewellery designs that are usually a part of the bridal jewellery collection includes Maatha Patti, Naths, huge chokers, chandelier gold earrings, gold necklaces/chains that are quite long, a combination of gold and coloured glass bangles, a single piece of gold armlet, finger rings and toe rings. 

Damini (Head ornament), Raani Haar in Kundan design (Necklace), Chandan Haar (Necklace), Bangdi (Gold bangles exclusively designed for brides), and Butti (earrings) are some of the popular styles of gold jewellery worn by Gujarati brides. 

Maatha Patti

The Maatha Patti is a head ornament worn popularly by Gujarati brides. It has two gold chains attached to a pendant.  On Finaura’s gold jewellery design finder, you’ll find the Kasiga Mudhra Gold Mang Tikka and the Raadhi Mudhra Gold Mang Tikka that are unique in gold jewellery design and perfect choices for the Gujarati bridal jewellery collection.

Gold Chokers

Huge chokers are always a part of the bridal trousseau of Gujarati brides. You can check out the Precia Gold Necklace Set (Product Code: TAMANNA11) on Finaura.


A huge nose ring attached to a chain with inlaid pearls and gems is an essential part of the Gujarati bridal jewellery collection. The Kavisri Mudhra Gold Nath or something like the Diksya Mudhra Gold Nath is great choices in this style. 


Jhumkas and Chandeliers are the more popular styles among Gujarati brides. The Nalini Jhumka or the Charvi Jhumka on Finaura would be perfect for your bridal jewellery collection.

Gold Necklaces

Gujarati brides are known to wear long gold necklaces for their weddings. You can go for the Koshi Mudhra Gold Necklace and the Vineela Kyra Gold Necklace for your bridal trousseau. 

Finger Rings

Big finger rings with inlaid diamonds and other precious stones are popular among Gujarati brides. Check out the Zera Ring and the Tamil Bride Malabar Gold Ring (Product Code: BLRAAAAFVTPP) on Finaura.

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