Wedding Jewellery for Pahari Bride

Weddings are a momentous occasion in every young girl’s life. For Pahari brides, this day brims over with happiness and local customs. There are a number of gold jewellery designs that are unique to the brides of this region. These Pahari wedding jewellery designs are age-old and have a timeless aura. From the nath to the bichhuas, here are a few pieces of gold jewellery a bride must have in her trousseau. 

Ethnic Necklaces 

Pahari brides may wear more than one necklace for their big day. The Galobandh is a choker styled neck piece characteristic of this region. It can be described as a red belted neckpiece studded with gold work. In addition to this, a Pahari bride would also wear a heavier necklace with intricate gold work. The Subha Nivara Lappa Gold Necklace is a fine example of this style. Then there’s the Chandan Haar; a layered necklace with gold beads held together with Kundan clasps. The Koshi Mudhra Gold Necklace is designed along these lines.  The Hansuli is another popular Pahari wedding jewellery design. 


As with other Hindu weddings, tying a mangalsutra around the bride’s neck is an integral part of the wedding ceremonies. The mangalsutra worn by Pahari brides is unique. Typically, it features black or red beads interspersed with a chain and ornamented with a gold pendant. If you’re not so focused on traditional designs, you could check out the Gold Mangalsutra (22 Kt Purity) and the Nirali Scroll Mangalsutra.


Pahari jewellery for a bride is incomplete without a pair of earrings. There are many different types of earrings a bride may choose to wear. If you’re looking for understated bridal jewellery, you could wear a pair of balis like the Kim Hoop Earrings or the Padmalakshmi Hoop Earrings. They are also known as Mundas, monads and kundals. 

For a more traditional look, you could wear jhumkas like the Pratichi Jhumka or the Kesara Nivara Gold Jhumka.  These bell-shaped earrings are intricate with detailed goldwork. The third style of earrings for Pahari brides is the Kaan Phool. These are elaborate gold jewellery designs with beautiful floral motifs. You can find many such designs on a gold jewellery design finder.


Jewellery to be worn around your wrists is an integral part of Pahari jewellery sets. As a bride, you can wear a stack of gold bangles like the Debadrita Kyra Gold Bangle or a single heavy bangle like the 22kt Yellow Gold Bangle for Women. Traditional Pahari bangles are known as Ponchis. These are bangles made from gold beads studded on to a red cloth band. It’s a simple, traditional bridal jewellery design that never goes out of style.

The Smaller Pieces

There are a number of smaller pieces needed to complete a Pahari wedding jewellery set. Every bride needs a nath, anguthia, a mangtikka and bichhuwas. These naths are stunning and inspired by local flora and fauna. The Agrim Mudhra Gold Nath would be the ideal example of such a nath. Pahari bridal anguthis are typically oversized like the Flirtini Ring and the Elizabeth Green Onyx Ring. A bride also needs a mang tikka like the Yachana Mudhra Gold Mang Tikka. The last pieces, the bichhuas and the payals are often crafted from silver. 

The Finauara gold jewellery design finder makes it easy for Pahari brides to find their perfect wedding jewellery. From the earrings to the mang tikka, you can find everything you need from the comfort of your home. Browse through gold jewellery designs from India’s top jewellers, pick your favourites and order – it’s that simple!

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