Wedding Jewellery for Odiya Bride

The perfect word to describe Odiya weddings would be ‘Minimalism’.  A celebration of culture, traditions, and closeness, the Odiya weddings are known to be quite simple yet elegant. The people in Odisha are known for their humility and simplicity. These qualities are also clearly reflected in their weddings and related celebrations. Both the bride and groom and at times their families have to observe unique wedding rituals.

According to the culture and traditions of Odisha, the Odiya brides symbolizes goddess Lakshmi, the deity of wealth and prosperity. Even though minimalistic the brides are adorned with traditional outfits, accessories, and wedding jewellery in such a way that she looks like a true representation of the goddess. 

Traditionally the Odiya brides are known to wear a bright coloured yellow saree with a red border. The shades of orange, red and yellow are the most preferred choice of colours even today.  When it comes to the choice of fabric silk and cotton continues to dominate.  However, modern-day brides also prefer to wear georgette and chiffon sarees.

The patterns and designs of these sarees are largely influenced by the eastern as well as the southern states of India. The traditional wedding sarees usually contain detailed Zari work, beautiful embroidery, and intricate designs.  The types of sarees worn by Odiya brides include Tussar silk, Ikkat, Brahmapuri Pata, Sambalpuri saree, Taant cotton, Khandua Pata, and Bomkai. 

Odiya Wedding Jewellery

Gold jewellery is the most preferred choice of bridal jewellery at Odiya weddings. The filigree design is popularly seen in Odiya jewellery and hence a part of the bridal jewellery collection most of the time. Some of the popular choices of Odiya wedding jewellery among the brides include Sinthi- Maang Tikka, Kundala – Earrings, Kadaa, Shanka, and Chood- Bangles, Notha- Nose Rings, Cheeka- Choker, Kathi Chain, and Chandra Haar- 3 layered gold necklace.

Sinthi- Maang Tikka

The Sinthi (referred to as the Maang Tikka) is a head ornament worn by the Odiya brides.  This is a huge pendant with inlaid pearls and stones attached to a gold chain. The pendant hangs on the bride’s forehead. The Zyanna Mudhra Gold Mang Tikka as well as the Bollywood Bride Gold Mang Tikka on the Gold jewellery design finder, Finaura, are great choices for an Odiya bride.


Jhumkas, huge danglers, and Kundala are popular choices of earrings among Odiya brides. You can check out the Verena Traditional Jhumkas, the Malini Traditional Drop Earrings, and the Raadhya Floral Drop Earrings on Finaura. 


Odiya brides are known to wear thick gold bangles with intricate designs, red Shanka (conch bangles with inlaid gold motifs), and Kada. The Gupta Dynasty Ethnix Gold Bangle, Lipsa Rang Gold Bangle, and the 22KT Gold Bangle are elegant in gold jewellery design and great choices for your bridal trousseau. 


When it comes to necklaces the Raani Haar (layered gold necklace), Cheeka (Choker), and Kathi chain are some of the more popular styles among Odiya brides.  The Ifana Kyra Gold Necklace, the Ethnix Gold Necklace (Product Code: AHDAAAAAKIKC), and 22KT Gold Chain are pieces you can choose from these gold jewellery styles.

Notha- Nose Rings

Notha commonly referred to as Nath is a huge nose ring in gold with inlaid stones and pearls. This ring is attached to a chain. You can check out the Vaanya Mudhra Gold Nath and the Diksya Mudhra Gold Nath on Finaura.

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